Friday, December 14, 2007

Letter from A Mother on Jimmy, We're Going Mad

regina neequaye wrote:

Dr. MarvinX:

I read the above on the blacklist. Man, I can so identify. I used to invistigate child abuse for a living and man the things I saw. I am still recovering from the trauma and that has been about 10 years ago. But you know some parents are doing just what they need to do, and the children are still crazy. Case in point me, myself and I. I am a single mother of 3. I had my first child @ 16 and still managed to attend and graduate from University of Georgia right out of high school with the help of my mother. The kid I had @ 16 is also a college graduate. My son, who I raised alone, just completed his first semester of college and my 8 year old is in the gifted program at her school.

The problem is my kids do not have the common sense the lord gave a grape. I mean I have drilled in their heads the need to protect their freedom. This blunt smoking thing that people have going on is just outlandish. Both of my adult children smoke marijuana. I have tried and tried to tell them that eventually you will get caught and all of the education in the world will not mean a thing because in this country paritcularly after 9/11 there are not second chances. I saw it coming. I told my children that after 9/11 there will be extensive background checks to get a job and if you are a black man/woman, you don't want anything on your record, but do my kids get it? No, they think I am crazy and paranoid. I told them about a study I read where in New York City a white man with a felony could get a job before a black man with a degree. I just don't get it. The record should speak for itself. I am educated, gainfully employed, a published author, but the think I am crazy. They look at Jay Z and Beyonce' but particularly Jay Z. I ask them one day to tell me one thing they have read that Jay Z has done for the community he helped corrupt when he was a drug dealer. They can't think of one. I just don't get it.

It is like there is a 10 ft drop in the side walk and I am telling them it is there but they won't believe until they fall in and die. I just don't get it.

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