Monday, December 24, 2007

MARVIN X: The Bad Boy of Love

Comments on Poem for Unresolved Grief

From Fahizah:

This poem is So tender, true for me, and transcendent.
If you, the brash, brusque, bad boy of love can love, lose and
believe in love again, then so can I. So must I. Thank you.
--Fahizah Alim

From Bernadette:

I am not certain how these poems came to me but Thank you and Bless you. I will embrace and work toward resolving the Unresolved Grief inside of me....
--Bernadette Anderson

From Dr. Nathan Hare:

You could be on to something here. Love and Hate, Id and Ego, Eros and Thanatos, each has a place. I don’t know that much about poetry, but as Hemingway said, “if it sounds good it is good.”

Sounds like the blues, which rap (despite an upfront spirit of resistance) doesn’t touch, its soul replaced by screeching and screaming.
The struggle continues.

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