Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank You for Your Support of Mythology

Again, thank you for your support. I was further humbled when a brother of my generation, a former Black Panther, told me he actually learned something from reading Mythology. You know it takes a certain courage and humility for a black man to tell another black man he learned something from him, so I took his comments with great humility, knowing that I do not own the truth but I am only a vehicle for the truth, so I do not think for one moment I am saying something original, just truthful. I know it is not me who deserves the praise but the God of Truth.

I want other writers to come out of academia and into the streets to spread their truths so the people can arise from the dead. We so often talk and condemn the people for illiteracy and ignorance, and then when they find material that sparks their interest we condemn them or the material or the writer who has inspired them to read and move to higher consciousness.

Remember when the people only read Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines--we condemned them but did we provide them with alternative material? If they start with Mythology and like it, surely they will be moved to read my other books or books by other writers. Soon we may have a literacy and consciousness revolution in the hood instead of negro/black killings. Imagine, youth are stealing Mythology from each other. What if they stole other books from each other? Or what if authors disseminated their books for free throughout the hood--surely there would be a change in consciousness. Dope dealers reading books, sex workers reading books, school drop outs reading books while hanging on the corner.

Seeing a "player" reading Mythology on the corner of 14th and Broadway in Oakland, a white man immediately came to me to buy a copy. Of course he wanted to see what that Player was reading. m

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