Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gabon, A Pan African Drama

A Short Story:Gabon, Bongo and a Pan African Drama

by Marvin X

He fell in love with a little chicken wing coolie-girl from Trinidad. She was big as a toothpick but he loved her madly even though she was in love with an African from Gabon whose uncle was the President of Gabon, Bongo. The young man was studying to be an airline pilot who was in the United States for flight training. He loved Claudette who was an Afro-Indian from Trinidad. She was madly in love with her pilot friend until the "old man," the "black American" came on the scene. Claudette was a friend of the "old man's" sister Donna, herself in love with a mad West Indian named Fitzroy, a talented but alcoholic brother from Jamaica. Ah, the Pan African drama is on!

Going to visit his sister one night, he saw Claudette leaving his sister's apartment down by Oakland's Lake Merritt. He spitted at her and she replied, and soon he was in her bed making mad love to this chicken wing. Eldridge Cleaver had told him the Caribbean girls have a short attention span, as he had observed in Europe among the Africans and Caribbean ladies. Claudette was true to the game. Her pilot lover was out of town when she met the poet, the "old man," the "black American," so she did her thing with him, except he was too big for her small toothpick body, and secretly she yearned for her African boy with the small dick. But he was out of town, so she got accustomed to the “black American with the big dick.”

He sucked her and fucked her to no end and she loved it and became addicted, wanting him even when her little dick lover came in from flight training, from Paris or wherever he went to earn his hours. When she was with him she gave him love but when he left town the old man, the black American was in her bed, in the bath tub with her, since he knew the young man’s flight schedule. Minutes after the pilot left, the old man was in her pussy, slam dunking her to no end.

The young man from Gabon, nephew of Bongo, was aware of the goings on in his absence. Sometimes he would call from Paris and hear the old man in the background or foreground humping his woman. He accepted with regret that his woman was in love with the old man. He told his father and uncle, Bongo, of the goings on with the “black American,” They plotted between Paris, Gabon, and Oakland on what to do with the “black American.”

The “black American” got wind of their plot to get him out of the mix. He got violent with Claudette, sending her home with two black eyes. “Now explain that to that African motherfucker, bitch. Tell him how you got two black eyes, bitch.” She went home and told the pilot she had walked into a door.

Then there was the time when the old man got a shot-gun from his brother to rescue his “bitch” from the African in this very Pan African drama. As his brother was driving him over to Claudette’s house, the shotgun went off in the car and the old man was deaf for a moment.

When he got to the house, he went in and while the pilot was sitting at the kitchen table, he told “the bitch” to get up and come with him, which she promptly did, leaving the African sitting at the kitchen table—in the words of Eldridge Cleaver—“with his dick in his hand and his heart racing.”

One day he was at Claudette's when she said, "I just heard gunshots." He went over to the window to look out. He saw two men getting into a car--they looked like police types, although black. He later learned the man murdered was San Quentin Six brother Fleeta Drumgo. Years later his murder would remain unsolved, but it probably resulted from his possible role in the killing of prison guards and the retaliaton from guards.

Claudette eventually moved on from the pilot and the old man. She met another brother from Trinidad and had a baby by him. The last time the old man saw her she was no longer a chicken wing but had gained weight and had a little junk in her trunk.

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