Saturday, March 14, 2009

Up from Ignut or Pull Yo Pants Up fada black president
by Marvin X
Black Bird Press, 2009

Ingut Defined

A state of mind wherein common sense is lacking, a degree below simple ignorance or lack of knowledge, for the ignut person may possess great knowledge but unable to put it into practice, therefore his condition is far worse than lack of knowledge.

Examples of Ignut

Marvin X is known to possess great wisdom but sometimes he acts ignut. He recently lost his classic Mercedes because he refused to obtain a driver's license--according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, he has not had a driver's license since 1964. The DMV informed him his privilege to apply for a license was suspended due to outstanding tickets. When he was stopped recently, he was taken to jail and his car went to car jail and later sold at police auction. This was an ignut action on his part: no license, no insurance and a phony license tag from the "black DMV," Ignut. He has since retired from driving.

Micheal Vick went to prison for dog fighting, losing his multimillion dollar pro football contract. Ignut.

Another athlete at a New York restaurant or nightclub shot himself in the foot and will possibly go to jail for gun possession. Ignut.

Chris Brown and his woman involved in domestic or partner violence. After O.J. Simpson, men still don't get it: partner violence for any reason is a no no, even if the woman is at fault--this only means she is ignut too. The Bible says when the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch together. Ignut.

Many Negroes are losing their jobs in the global economic crisis because they refused to heed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's prophesy that the day would come when there would be no jobs, not even for the white man, thus he told so-called Negroes to do for self, make yourself a job and act independent since we came to America to work for free. Once free, we continued until this day to be satisfied with wage slavery, believing we were going to have a job for life, refusing to accept the fact that at best a job is an indirect welfare handout, that most workers retire to a life of poverty and die broke. Ignut.

A baby mama said about her baby daddy: He eats, don't he think his kids need food? He need shoes, don't he think his kids need shoes? He need toilet paper, don't he think his kids need toilet paper? Ignut.

Up from Ignut or Pull Yo Pants Up fada Black President, essays by Marvin X, Black Bird Press, 1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94702, $1995, scheduled publication date, late May, 2009. Pre-publication price: $l0.00. Book will be sent by priority mail. Not available in book stores. Marvin X hates book stores because they take 40% for doing nothing. Ignut.

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