Sunday, March 22, 2009

Letter to a Post Black Negro

Martin, you always amaze me with your post-black negro analysis of affairs in Oakland.Oakland has been in a state of war with its citizens at least the past forty years, and that war has been spearheaded by the police who have never,on any occasion,provided security for Blacks, maybe for the property-owning class of whites and a few blacks--but we see even businessmen like Geoffery Pete can be victims of police shakedowns. So when do the police receive justice, certainly not in the courts as we saw in the Riders case, and we doubt anything will happen with the killer of Oscar Grant. So it took the Panthers to rise up to challenge the police occupying army during the 60s. Of course the OPD had murder squads that killed black people in general and Panthers in particular. What the Panthers did was take pressure off the community by absorbing the blows so often directed on the people. For this the Panthers must be honored.

The police deserve no respect for their decades of death dealing in the hood, for supplying drugs and guns to destabilize our community. We remember during 1979 they were killing a black man a month, climaxing with the death of Melvin Black. We organized a rally at the Oakland auditorium, bringing in Farakhan, Angela Davis, Oba T'shaka, Paul Cobb, Dezzy Wood Jones, Eldridge Cleaver and others. Immediately after this rally the police killing stopped but soon followed was the appearance of Uzis and Crack cocaine which we now know was the US Government's program to raise money for the Contra war in Nicaragua.

Certainly the OPD played its part in the Crack epidemic that has continued to this day with drive by shootings and drug shake downs by the OPD that your paper and the Chauncey Bailey Project has yet to investigate, while continuing to play up the Black Muslim Bakery as the sole suspects in the assasination of journalist Chauncey Bailey.

In short, I have no respect for the OPD because they are part of the problem and your paper appears to have a tainted relationship with them as you refuse to investigate Chauncey's allegations against the black murder squad on the OPD, supposedly headed by the very officer who was the lead investigator of the Chauncey Bailey homicide. Thus your paper, the Oakland Tribune and the CBP are guilty of shoddy journalism, faking professionalism, scaming the public with continued slander of Muslims as if they were the sole reason for Chauncey's murder when you know better. You know he was fired from the Oakland Tribune at the urging of former Mayor Jerry Brown because he was "tired of that nigger snooping around City Hall and the OPD." Now that he is Attorney General of California, Mayor Dellems wants him to investigate the murder of Chauncey when it is Jerry Brown who needs to be investigated for his role in Chauncey's death--what happened to Jerry Brown's internet records when he departed City Hall?

From the above, we can see why Oakland is a death house and the OPD deserve no respect from the people, nor does City Hall, the Attorney General and the Oakland Tribune. All of you are part of the problem of wickedness in high places. Why do you think when the OPD is guilty of murder and can continue doing so under the color of law that the people's justice will not rise to the occasion. Your courts are a sham and mockery of justice and clearly the brother saw the need to execute justice his way. The OPD occupying army should be removed from the community as they provide no service, solve no homicides and remain a white racist bastion of incompentence and disservice to the people.

They are disgusting to be present in our community. The fact that all the officers shot were white reveals the racism of the OPD with their precinct in the heart of East Oakland's majority black community.
--Marvin X

From: "Reynolds, Martin"
To: Marvin X Jackmon
Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2009 7:18:17 PM
Subject: RE: [blackantiwar] Oakland Poice Die in Gun Battle

Death is death and nobody, citizen or cop deserves to leave this earth in a hail of gunfire.
So for you to assert this is somehow a "taste of their own medicine" situation, sickens me.
Not because I agree with ill police tactics or the horrific things done via COINTELPRO.
The neo-cons of America do little to improve our standing in the world and at home.
If the world is to ever become the peaceful, evolved place we all hope it one day will, we can't revel in the slaying of any human being.
"Happy to learn a Negro can shoot?" C'mon man.
Statements like that make you appear no better than a cop who patrols a community he has no regard for.
Are you a revolutionary? A neo-political pundit? What?
You come across as a zealot and utilize the history of our people's oppression to justify a warped sense of retribution as it relates to this incident.
I don't for a moment condone actions by the cops that are inappropriate, corrupt or criminal.
But at some point Marvin, people must become people.
You're "neo-colonial black politicians" rhetoric does nothing to move us toward that plateau.
You preach as though you are offering an equation to equal a solution.
When in fact, you're a symptom of the problem.

Martin G. Reynolds
The Oakland Tribune
AME News - Bay Area News Group
7677 Oakport St. Suite 950
510-390-1779 (cell)

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