Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ron Bentley, True Trooper

There are those who talk
and those who do
not sunshine soldiers
but men of valor
who put life on line
who give all for the cause
nothing spared, nothing in reserve
football player to activist
conscious seeker
lover of knowledge
so sudden to leave
maybe his work was done
what else when we give all
he didn't make the stairs at John D's memorial
strength saved for his own
we did not know
probably, more than likely
Ron knew his end was near
but even then he was on the job
saying farewell to a friend
providing food for the repast
securing the room
arm useless from the strain of life
but fighting, serving to the end
a True Trooper
We love you Ron.
May the struggle continue
in your name.
--Marvin X
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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