Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Praise Song for Askia

Warrior man master wordsmith
lyrical singer of liberation
in the wilderness of north america
slayer of beasts dragons demons of the mind heart soul of trashmen
down from warriors
up from slavery
up from ignot
up from negrocities (baraka term)
Askia we love you the world over
those who know and don't know
love is a spirit thing my man
you are not forgotten in history your hands made
your love songs to African queens your poems made
thrilling us with the magic of your mind
I was there when the walls of Spelman fell from the power of
your poem Venus and Serena
black women wailed with joy
I saw you afraid of your own word power
I was afraid of the earthquake you unleashed
Mighty Man do not be afraid history will deny your deeds
don't worry about acadeem and media freaks of capitalism and slavery
just do the work and in the end
ancestors shall rejoice
the living and yet unborn shall cry tears of joy at the warrior blood in your pen.
Peace and love,
--Marvin X
Houston, Texas

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