Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oakland, Toward Radical Spirituality

We know the spirit world is beyond color, therefore we must pray for all those slaughtered in the streets of Oakland, whether police or citizens. It is indeed sad when officers of the peace are unable to secure the peace of a community, but often become brute beasts in blue uniforms. And in return the citizens must become beasts in self defense, especially when they are already under stress from lacking the necessities of life: jobs, food, clothing and shelter, a stable family environment wherein they can evolve from animal to spiritual consciousness. When violence becomes the order of the day, when the community is mortally afraid of those employed to protect them, when the citizens resort to violence in interpersonal relations, then that society is not of Divine, but is existing on the animal plane, the lowest level of existence, and yet we pretend to be civilized. Yet we act like violent savages at the drop of a hat, the glance of an eye, we are ready to kill, slaughter each other often without the slightest cause, rhyme or reason. In my 1968 interview with James Baldwin, he said, "It's a wonder we haven't all gone stark raving mad." Jimmy, I submit 40 years after your statement, we indeed have now gone stark raving mad. The streets of Oakland are no place to be somebody, they are on par with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Mexico, where violence rules the day and every man must be conscious of his surroundings and behavior at any time. The politicians and police are not the only ones to blame, but the entire community. We have churches on every corner yet there is something lacking in their spiritual message, something is being lost in translation from pulpit to congregation to street. How can such massive violence exist in a Christian society or Muslim society for that matter? Why is there so little spiritual transformation evident in the people? The prosperity consciousness in religiosity these days only leads to conspicuous consumption that has led us to the present precipice. Shall we continue in our madness until we slip over the cliff, until we are consumed by our own vomit?

Someone, anyone, step forward and show us the light, the path, the way, for we have become a headless monster, a car without a driver, clearly the politicians cannot solve this conundrum of our lives, the educators are lost in perpetuating the world of make believe called white supremacy. Our economic leaders are lost in their shoestrings, trying to revive a decadent and dying free market capitalist system based on greed, cheap labor and cheap resources. They are determined to ignore their own people in a global conspiracy of pyramid and Ponzi schemes which is the essence international finance.

All brother Mixon wanted was a job. And the tragedy is that there are desperate men and women like him throughout the streets of Oakland, men and women who will find no job and become mad enough to follow his act of desperation and despair. The police had a job watching him. His parole officer had a job watching him. His prison officials had a job securing him. Was he some sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered for all except himself? No wonder his desperation and despair, no wonder his feelings of nothingness and dread. No wonder his spirituality was crushed to the earth, making him a beast of prey, willing to do the ultimate to escape the jails and prison, the American gulag, the neo slavery plantations that exist throughout this nation, wherein the commodity is the souls and bodies of men and women. Up from Slavery, Up from Ignut, up from the animal plane to the Divine. Throw off the shackles of mental slavery that permits us to claim the gun as our savior, the panacea for all that ills our community, when in reality it is only putting on the armor of God that will elevate us out of the dungeon of wickedness and despair. The churches must teach a new way, the schools must teach a new way, discarding that old out of date white supremacy curriculum that over fifty per cent of our children are intelligent enough to reject outright for its abject meaninglessness absurdity. The churches are empty, especially of young men because the message does not touch their spiritual consciousness. They are too smart to be pimped by fake pimps in the pulpit.
The brothers at the barber shop asked me, "OG, what's the difference between the pimp and the preacher?" I replied, "The difference is that the preacher has more whores."

As Brother Fritz Pointer noted below, we can and must police ourselves, the police must be from our community, not living in Dublin, Tracy and Livermore.
These are foreigners who have no love for our community. They are here to enforce white supremacy, white privilege and white power. And nothing shall change but go from bad to worse until the fundamental order is radically restructured. Sun Ra taught me, "The Creator got things fixed, you can't go forward or backward until you do the right thing." So do the right thing, Oakland, the eyes of the world are on you at this hour, as it has been in the past when you raised up to check the power of brute beasts in blue uniforms. This time around, know that we have a problem that is not physical but spiritual, for when we put on the armor of God no one can touch us. Didn't Hammer tell us, "You can't touch this"? Those of you who don't believe in spirituality continue down the physical path when we know the end of this path. Look at America at this hour drowning from excessive belief in the physical and material things of life, while none of this path has brought joy, peace and happiness to this world. As I look around Houston, Texas at the mansions owned by black people, at the same time I see the numerous hospitals here to heal those sick from the trappings of materialism, the mental stress, the cancer and other diseases caused by the belief in the physical things of life, while we know our health is our wealth. What good are these mansions if we act like nigguhs inside them, if the women are in golden handcuffs, abused, neglected and depressed, on the verge of suicide?

We consume, consume, consume, and yet there is never enough. Our closets are full of trinkets we never take out of the bag, still with the tags on them because they were wanted but not needed. And yet there is enough to go around but we dare share, we dare give away anything, but hoard for dear life as though there will be no tomorrow. When we do not reach out to men like Mixon, we see the result, it is no mystery the desperation of his heart, the poverty of his dreams for simple things, basic survival in a land of plenty. Continue to deny his generation and await the Calamity. To avoid the Calamity we must embrace the Religion of the Heart, beyond churches, temples, mosques, but recognize our essense which is spiritual, beyond the physical and material. What is the use of violence when in the end of all wars in political discussion or diplomacy. Why all the violence when ultimately we must do as Isaiah taught, "Reason together."
--Marvin X

Marvin X is the author of Beyond Religion, toward Spirituality. He continued his message in How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy.
His next book is Up from Ignut, or Pull Yo Pants Up fada Black Prez, the Soulful Musings of a North American African Thinker, Black Bird Press,
Berkeley, 2009. All of you are invited to celebrate his 65th birthday at the Berkeley Black Repertory Group Theatre, 3201 Adline Ave., Berkeley Ca, May 29, 7pm. Save the date! May 1-3 Marvin X will participate in the Black Studies Forty Years Later Conference at Temple University, Philadelphia. Other participants include Amiri Baraka, Muhammad Ahmed, Askia Toure, Sonia Sanchez, Jimmy Garett.

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Thank you for eloquently articulating all of our sentiments...peace
--Tarika Lewis

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> Marvin:
> I appreciate your analysis and insights. In fact, I
> marvel at the detailed information you summon and wield on
> our behalf. That is, on behalf of Black people. What
> you're doing is so very necessary and timely. I must
> say, as one born and raised in Oakland, I understand the
> obscene pride we feel about Lovell Mixon. Obscene because
> people like us, around the world, die like the four
> policeman did everyday, if not every hour, in mass. Pride
> because Lovell accepted the consequences of his actions. I
> don't know if we can ask more than that of human being.
> He also let the OPD know that they are human, merely
> human. This may surprise them to know. As we have said
> years ago, the police must come from the community they
> serve. Until then, like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
> the people of Oakland are under Occupation. Keep up the
> powerful, courageous writing, Mr. X.
> Fritz Pointer

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Subject: RE: Letter to A Post Black Negro

Marvin, Martin seems to be one of those Negroes who writes with a little white man on his shoulder. Martin is up to his eyeballs in sterile hypocrisy and sham sentiments.

Does he really believe that anyone reading his "people must become people" and "Death is death" that Americans are of that mind set when we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year seeking to murder people in the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, to kill those who killed Americans? These are sentiments uttered daily by American politicians and American whites: we want the death of those who killed on 9/11!

Just today in the NYTimes the US Special Forces were applauded in killing 5 Afghan "militants," and they didn't call it murder or thought it outrageous when they did not know for certain that these were civilians. Where was Martin and the Oakland paper when Israelis were killing Gazan civilians, more than 1300--men women, and children?

We all know everything is not everything. That kind of equality and equity has never existed for blacks, browns--the Other American. Some deaths are more heavy and valuable than others. The officials and the elite of Oakland will cry huge crocodile tears for the four cops murdered in Oakland streets, tears that did not come for Oscar Grant, outrage that did not occur in high places for the black and poor beaten, abused, and murdered, daily in American cities.

We know in our hearts people are not treated as people especially when their skins are black and brown. Black men are murdered with abandon in American and there is a great reluctance to do anything about it. We all know this on our pulse.

Martin knows as well as anyone that white cops are placed in communities to terrorize black men, women, and children and that white police unions and judges and attorney generals support this terrorism by hook or crook and that often black mayors are afraid of their own police departments. Martin is a phony and a phony with phony sentiments. To place the great Marvin X on the same level as murderous and terrorizing cops is utterly outrageous and the height of pandering to power. He feels free to do that because he thinks he will gain some points from that little white man sitting on his shoulder.

We all want peace and love in our communities. We all would like to respect the security forces in our communities. But it just ain't that way, however evolved Martin may be. But dear Martin, they will be coming after you one of these days and your kiss up words will not save you -- Rudy

Rudolph Lewis, Editor

ChickenBones: A Journal


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> Subject: Letter to A Post Black Negro
> Martin, you always amaze me with your post-black negro
> analysis of affairs in Oakland.
> Oakland has been in a state of war with its citizens at
> least the past forty years, and that war has been
> spearheaded by the police who have never,on any
> occasion,provided security for Blacks, maybe for the
> property-owning class of whites and a few blacks--but we see
> even businessmen like Geoffery Pete can be victims of police
> shakedowns. So when do the police receive justice, certainly
> not in the courts as we saw in the Riders case, and we doubt
> anything will happen with the killer of Oscar Grant. So it
> took the Panthers to rise up to challenge the police
> occupying army during the 60s. Of course the OPD had murder
> squads that killed black people in general and Panthers in
> particular. What the Panthers did was take pressure off the
> community by absorbing the blows so often directed on the
> people. For this the Panthers must be honored.
> The police deserve no respect for their decades of death
> dealing in the hood, for supplying drugs and guns to
> destabilize our community. We remember during 1979 they were
> killing a black man a month, climaxing with the death of
> Melvin Black. We organized a rally at the Oakland
> auditorium, bringing in Farakhan, Angela Davis, Oba
> T'shaka, Paul Cobb, Dezzy Wood Jones, Eldridge Cleaver
> and others. Immediately after this rally the police killing
> stopped but soon followed was the appearance of Uzis and
> Crack cocaine which we now know was the US Government's
> program to raise money for the Contra war in Nicaragua.
> Certainly the OPD played its part in the Crack epidemic
> that has continued to this day with drive by shootings and
> drug shake downs by the OPD that your paper and the Chauncey
> Bailey Project has yet to investigate, while continuing to
> play up the Black Muslim Bakery as the sole suspects in the
> assasination of journalist Chauncey Bailey.
> In short, I have no respect for the OPD because they are
> part of the problem and your paper appears to have a tainted
> relationship with them as you refuse to investigate
> Chauncey's allegations against the black murder squad on
> the OPD, supposedly headed by the very officer who was the
> lead investigator of the Chauncey Bailey homicide. Thus your
> paper, the Oakland Tribune and the CBP are guilty of shoddy
> journalism, faking professionalism, scaming the public with
> continued slander of Muslims as if they were the sole reason
> for Chauncey's murder when you know better. You know he
> was fired from the Oakland Tribune at the urging of former
> Mayor Jerry Brown because he was "tired of that nigger
> snooping around City Hall and the OPD." Now that he is
> Attorney General of California, Mayor Dellems wants him to
> investigate the murder of Chauncey when it is Jerry Brown
> who needs to be investigated for his role in Chauncey's
> death--what happened to Jerry Brown's
> internet records when he departed City Hall?
> From the above, we can see why Oakland is a death house and
> the OPD deserve no respect from the people, nor does City
> Hall, the Attorney General and the Oakland Tribune. All of
> you are part of the problem of wickedness in high places.
> Why do you think when the OPD is guilty of murder and can
> continue doing so under the color of law that the
> people's justice will not rise to the occasion. Your
> courts are a sham and mockery of justice and clearly the
> brother saw the need to execute justice his way. The OPD
> occupying army should be removed from the community as they
> provide no service, solve no homicides and remain a white
> racist bastion of incompentence and disservice to the
> people.
> They are disgusting to be present in our community. The
> fact that all the officers shot were white reveals the
> racism of the OPD with their precinct in the heart of East
> Oakland's majority black community.
> --Marvin X
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> From: "Reynolds, Martin"
> To: Marvin X Jackmon
> Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2009 7:18:17 PM
> Subject: RE: [blackantiwar] Oakland Poice Die in Gun Battle
> Death is death and nobody, citizen or cop deserves to
> leave this earth in a hail of gunfire.
> So for you to assert this is somehow a "taste of their
> own medicine" situation, sickens me.
> Not because I agree with ill police tactics or the
> horrific things done via COINTELPRO.
> The neo-cons of America do little to improve our standing
> in the world and at home.
> If the world is to ever become the peaceful, evolved place
> we all hope it one day will, we can't revel in
> the slaying of any human being.
> "Happy to learn a Negro can shoot?" C'mon
> man.
> Statements like that make you appear no better than a cop
> who patrols a community he has no regard for.
> Are you a revolutionary? A neo-political pundit? What?
> You come across as a zealot and utilize the history of our
> people's oppression to justify a warped sense of
> retribution as it relates to this incident.
> I don't for a moment condone actions by the cops that
> are inappropriate, corrupt or criminal.
> But at some point Marvin, people must become people.
> You're "neo-colonial black politicians"
> rhetoric does nothing to move us toward that plateau.
> You preach as though you are offering an equation to equal
> a solution.
> When in fact, you're a symptom of the problem.
> M.
> Martin G. Reynolds
> Editor
> The Oakland Tribune
> AME News - Bay Area News Group
> 7677 Oakport St. Suite 950
> 510-208-6433
> 510-390-1779 (cell)
> mreynolds@bayareanewsgroup.com
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> Subject: Re: [blackantiwar] Oakland Poice Die in Gun Battle
> Rudy, I have no information on Mixon, but the consensus is
> that people are happy to learn a Negro can shoot. Oakland is
> a great community that was humbled and crushed by
> Cointelpro, then neo-colonial black politicians, Dellums is
> probably the last of the black neo-colonials, after him it
> will probably be the Latino turn to be neo-colonial, then
> the return of the raw colonialist whites who are edging
> themselves back into power on the city council and with
> gentrification.
> But the universe may have a different agenda. --MarvinX
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> From: Marvin X Jackmon
> To: blackantiwar@yahoogroups.com
> Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2009 10:53:16 AM
> Subject: Re: [blackantiwar] Oakland Poice Die in Gun Battle
> Oakland Police Die in Gun Battle
> I got up this morning to see the news that a brother and
> three police are dead in Oakland, another officer is
> fighting for his life. I am saddened by this news from my
> beloved city by the Bay, city of my childhood, city where I
> learned black consciousness, city of black studies and Black
> Panthers, once one of the most radical cities in America..
> Of late she has become a house of death with the black on
> black homicide, often instigated by the police with weapons
> sold by the police. As they were in the 60s, the police are
> an occupying army of mostly white racist officers, and many
> of the black officers are no better, sometimes even more
> brutal to prove themselves to their white comrades. Chauncey
> Bailey is dead partly because he was writing about black
> police murder squads and shakedowns.. The chief recently
> resigned because journalists were inching closer to his role
> in allowing abuse under his watch.
> The killing of three officers by a young brother may be
> symbolic of things to come. As we know the new year began
> with the BART police murder of young Oscar Grant. Yes, the
> universe has a way of righting itself when things go out of
> control. We see the universe stepping in to bring humility
> to the greedy capitalist bloodsuckers of the poor and those
> addicted to wretched materialism. So it is time to reflect
> on this rampant violence in Oakland that has left so many
> people grieving for lost loved ones. And now the police get
> a taste of their own medicine. As thou has done, so shall it
> be done to thee. There is no escape for wickedness,
> especially in high places or low places either. The people
> do not deserve to live under occupation and violence under
> the color of law. Their is a limit to what a people can
> take, especially when they see no justice in the land, when
> the criminals are instituting and administrating the law for
> their own wicked purpose.
> The Black Panthers fought forty years ago against the
> police--yet today it is business as usual with the
> "pigs," who banned my open-air classroom at 14th
> and Broadway, at which people noted I made things better
> downtown by talking with spiritually burdened youth and
> adults, counseling them and listening to their problems of
> homelessness, hunger, ignorance, disease and unresolved
> grief, so often brought on by the murder of their loved
> ones. Isn't it strange that youth rioted at the very
> spot where I taught and tried to bring peace, love and
> understanding?
> I did not discriminate when the white mentally ill came by
> wanting a dollar, something to eat or simply a kind word
> like good morning, have a nice day. Often the police would
> stand next to me, yes, I knew they were listening to my
> conversation while they supposedly watched young weed
> dealers making their hustle. For several years the police
> said nothing to me, then after three or four years they
> informed me I was vending my books in a restricted area.
> Restricted for what purpose, there are hardly any stores
> downtown Oakland, it is a virtual cemetery, especially after
> dark while downtown San Francisco is bustling with people
> all night long.
> Oakland has a glorious tradition of radical social action,
> but it is a tradition soaked in blood, often the result of
> bad and brutal police relations with the community. Why
> can't Mayor Ron Dellums use the model the US military
> exercised in Iraq when they subdued the insurgents by giving
> them jobs securing their communities? Just as in Iraq, we
> have young men marginalized and alienated from society,
> ready to do any crime to "get theirs," but
> secretly wishing things didn't have to be this way, that
> all they want is economic parity with the rest of society
> that likes to eat in fine restaurants, wear nice clothes and
> take care of their families.. Clearly, the OPD has not and
> cannot secure the community, so why not be radical, Mr.
> Radical Mayor Dellums, hire youth to secure the hood you
> know the police cannot and never will, at least not until
> there is a radical revamping of this rotten, crumbling
> capitalist society, restructuring not only the police, but
> the
> schools, economic, political and religious institutions,
> social relations and in the process ending America's
> cowardly addiction to white supremacy, white privilege
> and the desire to dominate the world.
> We pray for all those grieving loved ones who are now
> deprived of their men due to gun violence. We are exhausted
> from attending funerals, but understand death is life and
> funerals are a way to help us understand and transcend the
> pain and suffering of losing the ones we love.
> We pray the people of Oakland will rise to the occasion to
> become the great and valiant community recognized around the
> world for radical social action.
> --Marvin X
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> From: Marvin X Jackmon
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> ; muhammadspeakslette
> rs@yahoo. com
> Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2009 7:14:06 AM
> Subject: [blackantiwar] Oakland Poice Die in Gun Battle
> Gunman kills 3 officers, wounds 4th in Oakland
> By TERRY COLLINS and LISA LEFF, Associated Press Writers
> Terry Collins And Lisa Leff, Associated Press Writers –
> 43 mins ago
> AP – This is an undated photo combo of images released
> by the Oakland Police Department of Oakland Police …
> * Play Video Video:3 officers, suspect killed in Oakland
> shootouts AP
> OAKLAND, Calif. – A police officer was battling for his
> life and three more were dead after a parolee with an
> "extensive criminal history" opened fire at a
> routine traffic stop and hours later gunned down members of
> a SWAT team searching for him.
> The gunman was also killed Saturday, capping a day of
> violence that the Oakland Police Department said was the
> worst in its history. Never before had three police officers
> died in the line of duty on the same day.
> "It's in these moments that words are
> extraordinarily inadequate," said Mayor Ron Dellums at
> a somber news conference Saturday night.
> The mayhem began that afternoon, when two motorcycle patrol
> officers stopped a 1995 Buick sedan in east Oakland, Oakland
> police spokesman Jeff Thomason said. The driver opened fire,
> killing Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, and gravely wounding Officer
> John Hege, 41....
> The gunman then fled on foot, police said, leading to an
> intense manhunt by dozens of Oakland police, California
> Highway Patrol officers and Alameda County sheriff deputies.
> Streets were roped off and an entire area of east Oakland
> closed to traffic.
> About two hours later, officers got an anonymous tip that
> the gunman was inside a nearby apartment building.
> A SWAT team had entered an apartment to clear and search it
> when the gunman shot them with an assault rifle, police
> said.
> Sgt. Ervin Romans, 43, and Sgt. Daniel Sakai, 35, were
> killed and a third officer was grazed by a bullet, police
> said.
> SWAT team members returned fire, killing 26-year-old
> Lovelle Mixon of Oakland, Acting Oakland police Chief Howard
> Jordan said.
> Officer Hege suffered brain damage and may not survive, his
> father, Dr. John S. Hege, said late Saturday.
> "It is a stunning thing to face," he said.
> Grieving officers at the police station hugged and consoled
> each other. People left four bouquets of white roses under a
> granite memorial wall inside the building lobby that lists
> 47 officers killed in the line of duty. The wall shows the
> last officer killed in Oakland was in January of 1999.
> Police said Mixon wielded two different weapons. One gun
> was used at the first scene and an assault rifle was used at
> the apartment building where he was hiding.
> Jordan said Mixon had an "extensive criminal
> history" and was wanted on a no-bail warrant.
> "(Mixon) was on parole and he had a warrant out for
> his arrest for violating that parole. And he was on parole
> for assault with a deadly weapon," said Oakland police
> Deputy Chief Jeffery Israel.
> Police said they did not know exactly why the officers
> initially stopped the suspect, but said it apparently was a
> routine traffic stop.
> People lingered at the scene of the first shooting. About
> 20 bystanders taunted police.
> Tension between police and the community has risen steadily
> since the fatal shooting of unarmed 22-year-old Oscar Grant
> by a transit police officer at an Oakland train station on
> Jan. 1.
> That former Bay Area Rapid Transit officer, Johannes
> Mehserle, has pleaded not guilty to a murder charge. A
> preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday. Violent
> protests erupted on the streets of Oakland in the weeks
> after Grant's death, further inflaming tensions.
> Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger planned to fly to Oakland on
> Sunday from Washington, D.C., to meet with police and Mayor
> Dellums, the govenor's office said.

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