Friday, March 27, 2009

Jeannette Drake on Mixon in Oakland

Dear Brother Marvin,

The real tragedy is that NO ONE helps men like Mixon to INTERNALIZE the belief, the faith that God (aka) Jesus and/or The Holy Spirit could have given, found, created and/or delivered him a job.

Jesus did not operate within the confines of a building. His power to deliver is still beyond "reason." The power of The Holy Spirit cannot be fathomed by mortal minds. It has taken me almost 70 years to finally get this! God is Divine Mystery...but I have learned that if I need something, I can get it from God. It is my responsibility to share this knowledge with my fellow human beings.

I have learned that even though I love God, the Father/Mother, Jesus, the son, and the mysterious (sometimes frighteningly powerful HG (Holy Ghost), I am called as a writer/servant to bring people to faith (not necessarily to Jesus). In the past I have been "a street minister"; that is, I wrote and gave out affirmations on the street, according to how I felt led by the spirit. There was no need for me to "preach." My gesture was a one on one touch- such as, "repeat these words ALOUD daily or three times a day, etc. etc. and don't forget to say "thank you God" (I don't remember ever being turned down, except once and that was by a "freaked out" white kid that I perceived to be a runaway. He did not want anyone to come near or hand him anything.) I don't do this daily anymore, but sometimes The Holy Spirit gives me a strong suggestion about a particular person and I follow through or I will feel no peace. My gesture is always the right decision. Sometimes a person may ask a question and I give them a personal example of how God has helped me with basic survival issues.

What we need now are men and women who have strong, INTIMATE relationships with God (as they understand God) who are willing to share their faith, their knowledge, their belief, their testimonies that God loves and that God will get them (the person in distress) a job or food or shelter, etc. (if they have the guts/wherewithal, etc to let God know that they need, expect and BELIEVE He can do this!) The right to make a covenant with God did not end with Abraham.

What is missing is a belief in HP (Higher Power) and persons willing to say I know HP personally. HP can get you a job.

I have many unpublished stories about the necessary things I've gotten from God. They run the gamut from parking spaces in a hospital zone to how to get my acccumulated $3,000 plus electricity bill paid... Hopefully, I will live long enough to use a detail or two.

The video I share with you (which came to me yesterday) is of Reverend Dr. Miles Jones, who died in 2002. He was a professor and theologian, who became my mentor though I was not in seminary. He helped me understand that "my call" was not to bring people to Jesus, but to faith, to believe that they have the right to expect God to love them and to act out of that love...

My recovery has been to understand that I am loved by God. (In those moments when I have thought of suicide or homicide, it is because I have forgotten that God loves me and I have the mistaken notion that I am (or mankind is) in control...) Radically and simply put, my well being is not decided or determined by man. We need "spiritual warriors" who can help young men like Mixon understand the nature of God so that it takes on practical, relevant everyday meaning.

My recovery has been to understand that God is Divine Mystery, yet still accessible 24-7.

Peace and blessings to you.


"The true manifestation of Divine Presence will be so explosive it will be like The Holy Spirit...and when it comes, it'll defy your ability to describe's gonna have to be LIKE of of, it's more than you know...realize...dream of."
Reverend Dr. Miles Jones

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