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Presidents for Life Club
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Bro. Marvin,

Term limits do not necessarily reflect power. The Queen of England is on the throne for life, but she is impotent because Parliment governs the country. The Supreme Court, on the other hand , serve for life and excercise enormous power, that often rendering changes that impact the lifestyle of Americans. Ex. Roe vs Wade, Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka.

You are correct in saying that the west is a prominent compenent in Africa's problems and Zimbabwe's in particular. It is the west that is raping the continent of Africa, African "sycophants" , as you call them don't get nearly what western companies make in profit of African resources.

You are sadly mistaken if you think that outsting Mugabe is the agenda of the US and Britain.

When apartheid was oppressing southern Africa, kicking Botha out of office was not the agenda, but, dismantling apartheid.

Like wise, getting Mugabe out of office is not the agenda, but, dismantling the land reform program, the Zimbabwean Constitution and enabling the land and resource to return to the hands of agribusinesses and western corporations.

There is much more to be said... but do you see my points, thus far? Your thoughts?


Reply by Marvin X:

Of course, the African sycophants receive crumbs for the rape of their lands, sometimes the crumbs are in the billions (ANC billionaires! ). Imagine the suffering of Mandela and the masses to end apartheid, only to open the box of black apartheid under the reactionary Mbeki--or Zimbabwe under the revolutionary man of the hour, Mugabe. Why did he wait twenty years to institute land reform? How much land reform has occurred in South Africa since the end of apartheid? What irony to hold the AU summit in Egypt, the land of Pharaoh Mubarak, who is working with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the USA to keep Iraq destabilized while they plan an attack on Iran to halt the rise of Shia Islam. Remember that old devil Rumsfeld, "There will not be a Shia goverment in Iraq!" The USA has armed 80,000 Sunnis to challenge the Shia gov.

--Marvin X

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