Saturday, July 12, 2008

Plato in the classroom

Plato was at his classroom today, at 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland. It was Friday, July 11, 2008. Minister Keith Muhammad of Muhammad's Mosque came by on his way to a meeting to address the issue of thirty brothers arrested for drug dealing in the ACORN Projects of West Oakland. As the Minister talked with Plato, he explained his view that the brothers were victims of white supremacy. Plato listened as he does with all who come by his way. The minister admitted he had rehearsed his speech on Plato. Plato sold him a book and the minister departed. Then came the eye witness to the assassination of journalist Chauncey Bailey who asked Plato for two dollars which Plato gave to him. The eye witness said the publisher of the Oakland Post, Paul Cobb, said too much. Plato said what do you expect of the publisher of a newspaper?

Plato's angel appeared as he often does to assist Plato in his daily round of teaching the people. The angel will often purchase a book for those without money who are sincere. But the angel wasn't around the last few days while Plato gave out at least three thousand dollars in books to the poor at 14th and Broadway.

But the angel was there when writer Ishmael Reed came by with his daughter, author Timothy Reed. Plato introduced Ishmael and his daughter to the angel. Ishmael said he has just released a book on the media and told the angel he retired from teaching after 35 years at UC Berkeley. Plato informed Ishmael that he sees his daughter often as she is part of the street people who pass by his class room.

A sister came by in a state of rage because she felt insulted by a white woman. The sister wanted to kill the white woman but Plato urged her not to kill the woman who owed her $25.00. Plato gave the enraged woman who was skilled in martial arts twenty dollars and told her to chill out, please don't go kill the white woman.

A young writer came by who is about to have twins. He has a book out but is unemployed thus under great stress since he knows not how is to get milk and Pampers for his babies.Plato told him to focus on the matter of obtaining milk and Pampers.

A young sister came by who could hardly walk. She said the doctor told her to get a wheelchair but she was unable to do so, so she was walking in a strain from some type of infection. There was little Plato could do for her.

A brother came by complaining because a church had young girls on the street selling candy. Plato had observed the girls for several days, so he knew the situation. He told the brother to take the matter up with the church people who came to pick the girls up each day. A sister stopped by who was formerly a Muslim but was now a Christian. She wanted Plato to read the Bible on putting on the armor of God. Plato told her to read it to him, so she did. And so it is.

--Dr. M

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