Tuesday, July 29, 2008

bsu book project

The fact that this project has taken forty years tells me a few things. First, no academic negro can be trusted to do this since it did not take rocket scientists to understand the value of history--and do we not have a plethora of negroes with phds in history? What is the excuse? The fact is that the white academics have written our history better than we have, e.g., Smithurst's The Black Arts Movement. I don't know any revolutionary scholars, maybe you do, but where is a revolutionary black studies program in America or Africa for that matter, or the Caribbean? Then to add insult to injury to your own revolutionary tradition of do for self, you are determined to have the white man publish your book. This is an insult to the grass roots nature of our struggle. If you are not planning to write something in the tradition of David Walker's Appeal, I want no part of this project. Right, I care nothing about the academic tradition of WEB, though I honor him and cannot ignore his contribution. The project smells of a sense of inferiority on the part of you founders and a need to be accepted by the very negroes who are guilty of gross revisionism and sold out the struggle for tenure and whatever sexual favors come with it. So unless you are prepared to write a revolutionary text in the manner of David Walker or Malcolm X, leave me alone. I would rather see the book written in ebonics than academic gobbledygook just to sound intelligent. These negroes have enough material right now to free our people, enough books, enough videos, but they have no intention to freely distribute this material in the hood, to the prisons and on the street corners so the boys and girls in the hood can join the struggle to free themselves from themselves. Even our brother from SFSU who recently joined the ancestors, Asa HIlliard, was of this mentality when I questioned him in the presence of Wade Nobles at the celebration of Nobles'30 years fucking up black studies. No, they rejected the attitude of Ayatola Khomani who sent free literature from Paris to Iran enabling the revolution to happen. We have the power to spread consciousness in the same manner but negroes are concerned about royalities not consciousness and freedom. So go for it. Join up with the rats and be remembered with them as such. Marvin X

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