Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Plato on Politics

Politics is a dirty, filthy game of self interest. There are no permanent friends, only permanent interests, and sometimes interests may become like the shifting desert sands, but certainly friends can and will be disposed depending on the moment. We saw how Mr. Obama dismissed his friend of twenty years, Rev. Wright. We saw him tie his nuts to the Israeli lobby. And there is more to come with each passing moment, yet what is the Left agenda for him, what do we want since he is destined toward the white house--or will it become the black house?

Of course, if the Left were politically correct, it would vote for sister Cynthia McKinney of the Green party. But politics is also pragmatic and practical, so voting for the sister would be neither. It would be correct but idealistic and a waste of energy. As Sun Ra taught, sometimes you can be so right you wrong. Would not a vote for McKinney possibly enable Bush III (McCain) to slip into the white house by a slim margin?

Is this satisfactory to the Left? As Baraka noted, it is shameful to see so-called intellectuals and politicos running after the people they are supposed to be guiding and directing. No matter what, the socalled Negro is inspired by the Obama Drama, so perhaps we should get on board the freedom train and see where it's going, maybe we can add some insight and direction to its path.

We know Obama is being sucked into the white hole of imperialism--but so is every Negro with a job with the white man contributing to imperialism, so who is pure, name one and the whole town may be saved.

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