Friday, July 11, 2008

The Negro

The Negro is comic

but ain't nothing funny

tell him he is the solution to the problem

he is confounded

but he is the solution to his problem

nothing can save him but himself

no God, no Jesus, no Allah, no Marx/Lenin

The Negro



because he is better than Negro

tool and fool

better than black

better than African

way better than American

mass murderer American

ask the natives is he kind democratic

ask the Cubans Haitians

Japanese when he dropped the bomb

was he then kind and gentle

he aspires to thug life

like his master

pimp life

like his master

arrogant and dominant

like his master

pride before the fall

like his master.

Now on to Obama drama

imperialism in black face

is kinder gentler

ask Zimbabwe

South Africa



Kenya Rwanda Congo

is black beautiful

so wonderful

who invented the devil

who is the devil's father

surely he can be devil two.

have no illusions, tell no lies

"black ain't black

white ain't white

beware the day

beware the night."


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