Thursday, July 17, 2008

Plato Negro On Amiri Baraka

If Baraka's analysis and comparison of Germany's Weimar Republic with coming events in America is correct, we are in for some dark days and need to do some serious planning for a post-fascist United States, if such is the will of the people. I will rely on Lil Joe to confirm the accuracy of Baraka's comparison, although I don't doubt for a moment Baraka's reading of history. Of course the priority is to get Obama elected and protected by the masses in a united front, otherwise the fascists will slip into power and become entrenched before our very eyes while we engage in Left wing polemics and get lost in the morass of ideological purity. Indeed, the winds of change are rapidly altering national and international events, especially global finance and the new technology. Thus, we must move cautiously in the political arena, making sure we are not guilty of starry eyed idealism and romanticism.

We must understand how infantile thinking and actions can derail the political football that has suddenly dropped into our hands with the Obama drama. He may not be the perfect man, but he is the man with the eyes of the world upon him, thus we may be in for a paradigm shift if we move carefully and conscious of political history as Baraka suggests.

We cannot be reactionary regarding every move Obama makes as he breaks into the glass ceiling of white supremacy. Of course it is a dangerous game he is playing, and know for a certainty the devils are not playing, they are serious about maintaining white power, and even if he wins, they will do all they can to make him white in black face, i.e., to carry out the agenda of imperialism. We must therefore prop him up with a solid Left front, checking his blatant reactionary moves but understanding his political pragmatism.

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