Monday, October 29, 2007

University of California Grad Student Researching Chauncey Bailey and Your Black Muslim Bakery

Zachary Stauffer <> wrote:
Marvin X,

I'm still slowly (but surely) moving forward with this project on Chauncey Bailey and Your Black Muslim Bakery. The research is gradually coming together.

I was recently on your bibliography page on and saw Dr. Bey's name come up a few times. I was wondering if you had copies of any of these materials:

Proceedings of the Melvin Black Human Rights Conference, produced by Marvin X, Oakland, 1979
Proceedings of the First Black Men's Conference,produced by Marvin X, Oakland, 1980
Eldridge Cleaver Memorial Service, produced by Marvin X, Oakland, 1998
In Sha Allah, Marvin X interview with Antar Bey, CEO, Your Black Muslim Bakery, Oakland, 2004.

Or might these items be with your archives at the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley?
I'd love to watch and listen to these pieces, if they're available, to see what new stuff I might learn. Maybe they'd be useful in the final film.

Thanks much for you help.
Zach Stauffer
Freelance Reporter/Producer
Graduate School of Journalism
University of California - Berkeley

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