Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baghdad By the Bay: The Surge Is Working

The surge is working the general says
Why not with Baghdad under siege
30,000 Crusaders on post
The surge is working fine
4 million vacated their houses
The surge is working
The doctors, professors, scientists
All gone to Jordan , Syria , Iran
The surge is working
Uncle Abdullah is paid off in his desert tent
For now the insurgents have switched sides
the assassins costume change to pimp the Crusaders
After all, they must pay for every drop of blood
It is the Arab way.

The surge is working
Two hours of electricity in the best neighborhoods
Even Saddam did better than this
Billions have gone to reconstruction
A sham even Condi can’t explain
Blackwater cowboys ride wild
Killing through the streets
With immunity like they used to kill niggers
Great progress from niggers to sand niggers
The surge is working.

Now you want to surge your punk ass into Iran
Go head white boy, yr end is near
It is sad we are here in your midst
Don’t you see there is no more water
fire has come this time
For all yr iniquities there must be justice
This is not a pretty day
Even the night shall be ugly and mothers shall scorn
The hour of their birth and the birth of their children
For every hateful thing you have done throughout time
Stealing nigger mail in the dirty south
Stealing the life of black soldiers from the Civil War to WWI, WWII, Korea
Vietnam and Iraq
You must go to the cashier and cash in your chips.
The surge is working.


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