Monday, October 8, 2007

Get Yo Mind Right,,, in the Oakland International Film Festival
Screening 10/20/076:00pm @Grand Lake Theater

This documentary features Marvin X at the barber shop. Whenver the poet visits his barber the young men force him to teach while getting a haircut. He allowed Pam Pam to film one of his many lectures at his favorite shop located near 38th and MacArthur in Oakland. Others featured in the film include Wes MacArthur, Geoffrey Grier, Johnny, Fast Eddie and Elliott Bey.

"This docudrama is a must see."--Chauncey Baliy, Oakland Post

"This is the real Barber Shop!"
--Fahizah Alim, Sacramento Bee

The Oakland International Film Festival will screen "GET YO' MIND RIGHT"at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland at 6:00pm October 20.Check out the trailer:

Other videos now available from the Marvin X archives:

The Kings and Queens of Black Consciousness, San Francisco State University, 109 minutes, $19.95. Features Phavia Khujuchagulia, Rudi Wongozi, Destiny, Tarika Lewis,Rev. Cecil Williams, Rev. Andriette Earl, Amiri Baraka, Amina Baraka, Ishmael Reed,Dr. Julia Hare, Dr. Cornel West, Askia Toure, Elliott Bey, Kalamu Ya Salaam and Marvin X.

Live in Philly at Warm Daddies, 39 minutes, $19.95. Features Marvin X reading, accompanied by musicians Elliott Bey, keyboard, Marshall Allen, alto sax, Danny Thompson, flute, Rufus Harley, bagpipes, Alexander El, drums,
Ancestor Gold-Sky, djembe.

In the Crazy House Called America, 120 minutes, $19.95, performed at the Buriel Clay Theatre, San Francisco, features Marvin X reading, Destiny on harp, dancers Suzzette Celeste and Raynetta Rayzetta, actors Geoffrey Grier, Judy Jackmon, Salat Townsend, James W. Sweeney.

One Day in the Life, a docudrama of addiction and recovery by Marvin X, 120 minutes, 2 disc, $19.95. Features Ayodele Nzinga, Geoffrey Grier, Van, Pinky, Marvin X and others.

Order from:
Black Bird Press
POB 1317 Paradise CA 95967

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