Monday, October 22, 2007

Listener Comments on Dr. M's Interview on KPFK Radio, Los Angeles

Tim G wrote:
With all do respect sir,i heard you speak today in LA on KPFK and had some mixed emotions regarding your words.
Let me just begin by asking you this: do you believe that if all white people disappeared-that all problems would also disappear? I hope we are on the same page
here,and understand that WE have a 'spiritual' problem ON THE PLANET. And right now the rich white bureaucrats are at the head. Although if they all disappeared,another race and color would take THEIR you see where I'm going here........(please bare with me,i'm just trying to communicate to the best of my ability....thanks...).

It aint about the color Dr. M. I was once victimized by both my parents,(and after working thru some major stuff) I realize that not all parents are
'bad'. Yo Dr. M., I realize there is a mess out there involving a rainbow of colors, and people have suffered FAR BEYND what i could handle,,,,,,but lets make this a' UNIVERSAL 'DELEMA'. Because if you or 'your people' or me and 'my people' are suffering,its EVERYONES PROBLEM right? When i heard you speak I loved your SPIRIT(and thank you)But as soon as you put a color on a crime,that creates 'us against them mentality',

MY POINT IS THIS DR. M. There is a 'HUMAN SUPREMACY' ISSUE going on out there.

Please lets not say 'white supremacy', are there not people of color holding
higher positions in other parts of the world AND ABUSING their own people??? What do we call that-ifthe people are not white?
Can you PLEASE help us out Dr. M. Can we say 'HUMAN SUPREMACY DILEMA',,,,,It may not sound asgood,but i think it's more acurate. Dr. M.,please write when you get a chance and tell me what you think.

Thank you for taking time to read my words.I know we're on the same 'side' here,please know that i mean well and my words come from my heart.

God Bless,

Dr. M Replies to Timothy

White supremacy is the modern form of domination and exploitation--practiced by whites, in the main, but blacks as well--they are all white supremacists. As for yourself, organize a white supremacy recovery group with your own kind. We'll work on our kind and maybe, just maybe, we will come together in a peer group at some point in time. peace, m

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