Saturday, October 20, 2007

Farrakhan’s Last Hurrah: Come Out of Her My People

By Dr. M (Marvin X)

For a revolutionary African nationalist, Minister Farrakhan’s Atonement Day speech in Atlanta was music to my ears, but the consensus of my advisors was that it was too little too late, perhaps thirty years too late. If he had continued the separation teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, a black nation could have been more than an idle dream by now, some kind of provisional government could have been established and negotiations with the US on a separate territory could have been underway on the highest and most serious level.

So where does he and we go from here? Was his separation talk just rhetoric or is he serious about parting ways with America and working toward a nation-state or territory based on self determination and sovereignty. The last time I wrote about him, he asked that I call him for clarification of his statements and/or activities. Perhaps I should give him a call since he said my last article (Reverend Farrakhan-Moon) raked him over the coals. But I think his Atonement Day speech was crystal clear on the theme of separation, spiritually and physically. The question is where we go from here—should there be a plebiscite or vote of the North American African people to establish a consensus on whether we should stay or leave. Historically, in times of progress there has been little desire to depart pharaoh’s house, but in times of depression and anxiety the desire to leave is heightened. Despite the growing black middle and upper class—which the minister pointed out is merely a buffer between the masses and pharaoh—the condition of the masses is wretched. He gave ample statistics on our deplorable economic, political, social, psychological and spiritual condition. For us to continue in such wretchedness is the height of suicide or more collectively speaking, genocide. For the majority of North American Africans who will not share in the American dream, there must be an alternative future, thus separation is the only answer, no matter how difficult, it is an idea long past due.

It is clear to me the United States of America is a white supremacy nation, and the white right and the left have no real desire to give up white privilege and share political and economic equality, rather they persist in denial that this is a white supremacy nation and they enjoy maintaining their superior status. The police with their slave-catcher origins are yet an occupying army to maintain control that allows white power to continue with security. The prison industrial complex is designed to return us to slavery under the constitution which allows involuntary servitude for inmates. The educational system contributes to the prison industrial complex by systematically miss educating millions of black boys and girls, forcing them to drop out and more recently pushing them out.

The hostile environment of America promotes a variety of physical and psychological diseases that can only be cured by separation into a land of our own wherein we can create a society that is more conducive to our physical and mental health.

Yes, it is pastime for us to come out of her, my people, for she has become the haven for every filthy unclean bird. In the words of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and more recently in the words of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, America is the devil. This is not to say there are not black devils as well, and surely they will desire to remain with the beast, the great harlot, the serpent who has deceived the world. For a certainty, they will not be allowed to set up shop in the revolutionary North American African nation. Furthermore, we are well aware of how revolutionaries become reactionaries—we see in South Africa how the ANC has created situations worse than Apartheid. Thus, we envision a nation of men and women possessing radical spirituality who desire to establish a divine kingdom on earth wherein our animal nature and consciousness are checked and our divine consciousness is given free expression.

Men and women of radical political consciousness and vision must step to the front of the line to make the words of Minister Farrakhan a reality. In the beginning was the word, let us go forward to realize our national aspirations as mature human beings to achieve independence, sovereignty and self-determination. Let us go forward in the spirit of our ancestors who desired complete freedom, not a sham status of neo-slaves of a white supremacy nation that desires to maintain domination and exploitation of forty million people who have the divine right to separate from such hostile and contrite devils.

Independent thinking intellectuals must organize think tanks to ponder how to come out of the American morass and what shall be the formulation and configuration of a separate nation. Shall it be a constitutional democracy, a theocracy, a secular/spiritual regime in the manner of Turkey—these are questions of the most serious nature, but for sure, as Minister Farrakhan noted, we can create a better nation than has been our experience the last few centuries in this American nightmare. Surely we are prepared to offer our citizens true freedom, justice and equality, not contradictory treatment that makes mockery of our founding principles.

After devising an initial plan, we should hold regional meetings to debate the issue of independence and reach a consensus on the nature of the constitution. What values do we hold dear and sacred and what values are against our well being and the world community with whom we shall interact. Shall we practice naked capitalism or a form of socialism that is in harmony with our spiritual consciousness?

Shall we not guarantee our women full equality since they are divine as we are, and furthermore they are currently the sole parent in 70% of our households? What shall be the configuration of the African family once we separate—monogamy, polygamy, polyandry? Shall there be religious freedom or spiritual liberation without religious trappings that too often enslaved the human spirit and created stunted men and women incapable of imagining the infinite possibilities of the universe.

The nation of North American Africans should be sustained by reparations from the US government for three centuries of slavery and neo-slavery. As called for by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we should be maintained for twenty-five or thirty years until we can stand alone, similar to how America has given financial support to Israel the last sixty years. But even under the present domestic colonialism, we generate 900 billion dollars per year, thus we are only in poverty because we are duped into consumerism and crass materialism. If we channeled our economic wealth into nationhood, we will be a mighty nation overnight, not a people dependent on welfare, surviving on the worse food and insufficient health care. In an independent nation we shall not tolerate our youth killing each other over drugs because they are incapable of thinking out of the box of animalism.

The elder men and women will be duty bound to teach the young people economic independence, and the young people will be taught respect for elders and each other. No partner or domestic violence will be tolerated under pain of death. There shall be no prisons because there will be no crime. Persons with criminal behavior shall be ostracized to the United States of America and not allowed to return.

We applaud Minister Farrakhan for putting our freedom agenda back on track, for the last few decades we have wandered aimlessly without purpose and direction. We can never thank him enough from bringing the million men together, but as he said the other night in Atlanta, suicide is better than to continue living under the shadow of death which is our present status here in the hells of North America. As he noted, any politician, religious leader, intellectual or anyone who cannot promote separation and independence should be recognized as pharaoh’s magician and ignored, for Moses is in town to tell old pharaoh, “Let my people go.” You magicians with a contrary message will be silenced with the superior magic of Moses. The Red Sea of American blood and terror will be parted and we shall cross to the Promised Land. Liberty or death!

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Anonymous said...

First, I love Minister Farrakhan so much that I cry when I hear his voice. He is what I would want my father to be if I had one. I love him because he loves his people and although he may evolve he never waivers in his fight for his people. I read your article on the creation of a Black nation. Your description sounds like a Black heaven. I, too, would love to live in a black nation with some true black people; however, I don't see that as a possibility here. I don't believe the US government would ever partition land to give us. They will never give us monetary reparations and we are stupid, in my opinion, to think they will. We have to leave.