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Final Draft:The Family and Recovery from the Addiction to White Supremacy

By Dr. M (Marvin X)

The family is the smallest unit in society and the most critical, thus we cannot speak about the recovery and reconstruction of the Pan African nation without a critical examination of family dynamics. In order for the White Supremacy regime to be successful, the social and cultural life of the African family had to be disrupted, if not all but destroyed, in the process of creating the slave society and more recently the wage slave society or neo-colonialism—the grand illusion of freedom, a psychic trick wherein one is under the illusion he/she is free when he is yet shackled to the slave master’s groin.

Thus it is impossible to speak of a mentally healthy African family under the conditions of slavery and neo-slavery. Imagine a mentally healthy human being after centuries of rape (female, male and child, including the master raping his own children in the slave huts and big house, the stud farms of Mandingos and other prize African tribesman ), the auction block, lynching, separation, abandonment, miscegenation, psychological behavior modification or brainwashing.

There is no terrorism that can approach American terrorism now or in the future. Not even the Jews in Nazi Germany suffered terror equal to four centuries of American pseudo democracy or slaveocracy wherein we were reduced to three fifths of a man and even today our citizenship must be continuously renewed by the Voting Rights Act. Even newly arrived immigrants need not go through this process after they become nationalized. Yet you parade like a peacock strutting his feathers pretending you have arrived and want the world to know you are out the cotton patch while it is an illusion only you believe in the midnight hour of your madness.

Only the truly liberated slave can begin the process of reconstructing the mentally healthy family. Thus, liberation is the crucial factor in beginning that process of recovery and reconstruction. Emancipation is merely the first step toward liberation since the status of free slavery is not the product but only a step in the process toward true liberation which includes self-determination, independence and sovereignty.

Upon emancipation, the North American African suffered a myriad problems including post-slavery trauma and unresolved grief after centuries of cruel and inhumane treatment of the most wretched kind. Disoriented to the degree that he had no concept of freedom—and many have no concept today except for a socalled good job which clearly does not exist except in the figment of the his imagination—yet they prepare their children for a good miseducation to qualify for a fictional life in corporate America-- many had no knowledge they were slaves. Harriet Tubman told us she could have freed more slaves if they had known they were slaves. In this condition of ignorance, the North American African was easily duped to remain on the plantation under the feudalistic system of sharecropping, essentially renting the land as opposed to ownership under the false promise of 40 acres and a mule. He was further terrified by violence and lynching to return him to servitude with the backing of the US government that conspired with the slave masters who were without their property as a result of losing the Civil War. The prison-industrial complex has finally returned the modern African free slave to his master. And the master, especially in the South, but in the North as well, is glad about it. “Ah finally got ma nigger back in chains. Now, if Ah can just keep ‘em away from ma daughters with that Girls Gone Wild crap and dat Snoop Dog nigger!”

There is no way we can speak of the North American African family being mentally healthy under conditions of slavery or post slavery, certainly not until he is able to break free from not only physical bondage but psychological bondage as well. We can see clearly in the present era that he yet suffers mental slavery evidenced by his continued worship of Western mythology and rituals, including religion (Christianity, especially the white Jesus and white angels).He is yet trapped in Christmas, Easter and secular holidays such as Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and the Fourth of July. His participation in such rituals, especially financially but socially as well, is clear evidence he is a psychological slave of Western civilization, a white man in black face. Esthetically, his standards of beauty continue to be of the white supremacy variety, after all, he is continuously bombarded with symbols of white supremacy. The white woman or a reasonable facsimile is his standard of beauty. Even after the 60s cultural revolution, bleaching cream is back in vogue from South Africa to North America and the Caribbean. His woman must possess long hair—weaves and dreg locks—if not wigs, often blond, to imitate the white woman, including slimming themselves the size of a starving runway model.

The young men of the hip hop generation are unconscious homosexuals with their pants sagging in imitation of prison gays, but more importantly it is a sign there is no father in the house. There is no father in his right mind who would allow his son to leave the house with pants sagging down to his knee caps. But we know in many cases the father suffers arrested development and thus is a child himself. The son is consequently lost and turned out. Rather than condemn our sons, we should reach out and touch them with unconditional love, understanding they are in urgent need of mental health treatment.

And of course the women must imitate the boys so their pants expose the crack of their asses—all of which says much about the respect and social mores of descendants of slaves who are yet to ascend from animal to Divine.

As per the North American African, there are those who will say what choice does he have but to accept his condition as an African trapped in the White man’s world and therefore he must accept his fate and make the best of it. Forget about going back to Africa, forget about fighting to establish a nation of his own in North America, as though he is not entitled to some of this land after four centuries of free labor and/or wage slavery under modern capitalism, now called globalism.

All the above dynamics has impacted the family, destabilizing it to its present configuration wherein 70% of households are headed by women and very few North American African men are able to escape the criminal justice system for the old slave-catcher, now in the guise of police, is yet on the prowl since the neo-slave is worth fifty thousand dollars per year per inmate imprisoned, creating a free labor force in the global economy. Obviously, the condition of the family matters little to the capitalist bloodsuckers of the poor. Yet, mothers raising young black men are, for the most part, unable to restrain them from engaging in criminal activity to survive in the hood, which includes drug dealing and homicide (mainly black on black). Although mother does all she can do to raise her manchild, to keep him from becoming a statistic, he is most often in rebellion against her and angry about his absent father as well. He longs for his father’s love and wisdom, but must settle instead for the manhood training of his gang buddies. As we know, when the blind lead the blind, they both fall into the ditch together, thus far too often the manhood training of the gang leads him directly into the criminal justice system or an early funeral.

And so we must attack the family to rescue it from the ravages of the White Supremacy society. We must gather the family together for sessions to heal the wounds suffered while attempting to survive a wicked society. It cannot be beyond our imagination to seek out the absent father to join the healing sessions, for his daughters need him as well as his sons. No matter where he is, we know he is doing nothing of importance if he is not engaging his estranged children, trying to help them understand the roadmap out of this American morass.

If and when the father cannot come together, and perhaps when the mother cannot join the discussion, let the children meet as peers to search the depths of their souls for answers to their anger and frustration, hatred and bitterness as victims of the white supremacy society.

We suggest use of the 13 Steps I have outlined in my book HOW TO RECOVER FROM THE
ADDICTION TO WHITE SUPREMACY. Let the steps guide the discussion and keep it on a civil path because we know the deep emotional scars of family life. Such scars can only be healed with unconditional love and forgiveness. We must move from the animal plane to the human to the Divine. We cannot continue languishing on the animal plane of bitterness, vengeance, anger and hatred. By degrees we must treat each other as humans, then finally advance to the Divine wherein we understand and act like spiritual beings in human form, wherein we express nothing but love for each other in the family, community and nation.

Let us not talk about saving the world when we have made no attempt to save our precious families, and this attempt must reach out beyond the nuclear to granny, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews. Those persons with African and spiritual consciousness have a special duty to touch their families with their newfound wisdom and knowledge. Don’t talk about saving Pan Africa if you are not trying to liberate your family from ignorance, poverty and disease.

You are invited to bring your family members to the next meeting of the Pan African Mental Health Peer Group, Friday, November 2, 7pm at the Berkeley Black Repertory Group Theatre, 3201 Adeline Street, Berkeley. No one will be turned away for lack of money but a $25.00 fee is requested—includes copy of book HOW TO RECOVER FROM THE ADDICTION TO WHITE SUPREMACY, A PAN AFRICAN 12 STEP MODEL BY DR. M, FOREWORD BY DR. NATHAN HARE, AFTERWORD BY PTAH ALLAH EL, Black Bird Press, POB 1317, Paradise CA 95967, $19.95. Available in Oakland at De Lauer’s News, 1310 Broadway, downtown Oakland. Call 510-355
-6339 for more information.

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