Friday, September 12, 2008

Plato Negro on the Last Days

Mama said there would be days like this, and the prophets told us as well that the time would come when men and women would have heart attacks caused by fear, fear to love and be loved, fear to put their money in banks that are failing with each passing day, fear their jobs will be outsourced to India and China, fear of going out to eat dinner because there might be a robbery while they are dinning, fear to visit the barber shop because their might be a shooting outside or inside, the same when attending a night club or concert. The people are thus consumed by the fears that paralyze them with stress from the hostile environment. And there is the fear of nature itself, the drought and famine, earthquakes in diverse places, hurricanes, floods and pandemics caused by the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries in conspiracy.

We were told the people would be destroyed from lack of knowledge. We wonder how people can be destroyed for lack of knowledge with so much information floating through the airways. No matter, the majority are yet deaf, dumb and blind, dead men and women walking, totally oblivious to what’s really going on, although even in their ignorance they sense something is amiss, something stinks in the house, dead rats or their doodoo.

How can a society advance with 60% of our children dropping out or pushed out of school? Instead of attending school where little is taught that is meaningful or thoughtful or useful, the children go to and fro through the streets causing wickedness and mayhem, or doing drugs and sex, destroying their young minds and bodies.

And we were warned the people’s minds would be confounded due to the desire for wickedness and evil, including lust, sexual depravities, greed and selfishness. No matter what the wise prophets of old have told us about what happens when people do contrary to what is right and just, there are those who deem themselves smarter than God and the Goddess, thus when the Divine forces of nature consume them, the people are confounded and claim God has abandoned them when in fact it is they who abandoned God, destroying his earth and people with capitalist greed and the desire for maximum profits with minimum labor and resource costs, with little regard for the residue of their greed in the form of polluted rivers, lakes and oceans, poisoned and depleted agricultural lands, even the forests are raped of their woods for development.

Yet in the end time for this civilization, man thinks he can reverse the course he has embarked upon which shall surely end with his demise, and perhaps without his presence nature will return to the eternal peace so prevalent in the eons before the birth of mankind, the destroyer of the paradise he found himself incapable of dwelling in harmony, despite God placing him in authority to rule with care, justice and mercy.

Contrary to the will of God, man has proceeded to wreak havoc upon the land and peoples with endless wars, crimes of genocide in the name of religions and ideologies, ethnic and racial supremacy.

Today he again faces the possibility of nuclear annihilation as war approaches between the capitalists and communists over scarce economic resources such as oil and precious metals, even water is becoming a highly valued commodity since clean water is a luxury in many places, and the lack thereof the cause of many diseases that could be eradicated with it.

As I have written, the Green Revolution may come about by Nature itself, not by anything man attempts, for this revolution may only be successful with the eradication of man from the planet and universe.

In your supreme arrognace, you think the earth cannot do without you, yet you are the direct cause of all that is wrong, for nature has done nothing but be at your disposition, whim and pleasure, like a dutiful lover. Why should not the earth shake you off, drown you and let her hurricane winds blow you into dust?

--Plato Negro

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