Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dr. Nathan Hare: Will You Vote Nigguh?

Dr. Nathan Hare raises the most serious issue in the Black community--will we vote in the coming election or sit around smoking blunts talking playa hatin bs. We know this will be a close election and we may be the sole persons to blame if Obama loses because of our lethargy, passivity and negativity. Wearing Obama buttons and T shirts is not enough. Get
your black behinds to the polling booths on election day. The devil will have enough tricks for you in this election, but don't trick yourself, then blame him.
--Marvin X
--- On Tue, 9/23/08, Nathan Hare wrote:

From: Nathan Hare

Dr. M,

I agree that many blacks will be upset, and rightfully so, if they perceive that Obama was tricked out of his victory – but not blacks alone – and we will be hitting the streets again, black, white and polka dot.

The real problem is that blacks may be left with their arms around the bag of blame for Obama’s defeat. Indeed, I heard a fellow say on television the other day that Al Gore lost Florida in 2004 by something like 389,000 votes, and hence the election, while 500,000 blacks were registered in Florida but sat home watching television lollygagging and theorizing but didn’t go out and vote. The commentator, admittedly white, also said that five million white college students failed to vote, as I recall it, but he left the clear impression that only a portion of the half a million blacks who were registered but neglected to vote in Florida could have won the state of Florida and therefore the presidential election in 2004.

If this kind of situation should emerge in November, then blacks, not whites, will bear the bolder blame for the defeat of the first black candidate of a major party for election to the presidency of America, the world’s most powerful nation, the refuge of our slave masters, the number one oppressors of all the world, then history itself, with or without Michelle Obama, will “put her foot in the behind” of a whole lot of brothers, and I must promise my god that I will be standing at his side to kick in anytime I am needed, cane, coins and all.

Nathan Hare, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Author of the “Foreword,” to How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy: A Pan African 12-Step Model for a Mental Health Peer Group. By Dr. M.,

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Obama's Last Ghost

Elijah told us the white wo”man is the white man's last weapon against the black man. We thought once Obama overcame Hillery, he would be home free. But up popped the devil woman number two. Of course she lacks Hillery's political chicanery but she's still white, so never forget this. And white America went into a tizzy over her until the fall of Wall Street, then she became second page news because America cares more about its money than its mama, and no matter the fall began on Clinton's watch, the blame game goes to Bush and the Republicans, thus Obama has another chance now that devil woman number two is backstage. She may pop up again before the race is over, but for now all eyes are on the economy and the robber barons of international finance.

As former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown noted in the Sunday Chronicle, we all should have known something was wrong when a man who couldn't qualify for a $13,000 car loan was able to qualify for a $300,000 house loan. But let's be honest, Obama and McCain have friends and contributors on Wall Street, after all, it is Wall Street who calls the shots in American elections, not the men and women on Main Street, who do not exercise one man one vote anyway, but the matter is decided in the Electoral College, although international finance predetermines the victor, the rest is media drama, unless the Trickster or Legba appears at the crossroads to block, as happened in 2000 and 2004, at which time Shango and Ogun will need to make their appearance. But they will need to act with caution since the US Army has a unit on hand for any domestic disturbance.

We know Blacks will be highly upset if it is perceived Obama is tricked out of his victory.

We must be wise enough to survive so we can fight another day. Or as Bruce Lee said, "Learn to fight by not fighting."

No matter what, America is on the down, and even if he wins, it is doubtful Obama can save her since she is suffering a multitude of sins, not just economically, but her military is overstretched, her educational system is in total disarray, and she is morally bankrupt with no respect in the global village. While the winds of revolution blow throughout the Americas, the United States is yet the bastion of reaction and white supremacy backwardness. Instead of providing leadership in the new era, she is lagging in political foresight, like a retarded child who cannot tell the time of day.

As we go into the stretch with this Obama drama, we hope Michelle will put her foot in his behind and push him over the finish line, for his victory will only be a step in our overdue attempt to reach the mountain top.

--Marvin X

Marvin X is a revolutionary nationalist whose spiritual philosophy is to push man to accept his divinity and act accordingly, for all things are divine but many humans do not recognize their essence which is spirituality. . Do not be blinded by color, ethnicity, gender or any other illusion of the monkey mind.
--from Up From Ignorance, Marvin X, the Soulful Musings of a North American African, Black Bird Press, 2009


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