Monday, September 15, 2008

Plato Negro as Legend

And they asked Plato how it felt being a living legend? He replied that one must be humble, not arrogant with a suprior attitude. Plato is a legend only because the spirit of God dwelled inside of him, thus he is merely a vehicle of the Divine, not of his own causation, for if it were up to him, he might prefer being in an alley smoking Crack. But he knows as a vehicle of the Divine, he must submit to his higher not lower self.

People should know that he is in constant grief at those fallen and departed warrior men and women, especially the dearly departed women who showed him their unconditional love.

He recognizes and appreciates all the brothers and sisters who have in their archives his early writings and have followed his carreer from the beginning until now. He is humbled when they describe how his writings transformed their lives. Khalid Muhammad (may his soul rest in paradise) used to always inform Plato he had studied his writings in college.

But he is most humbled by the people in the hood who have followed him every step of his way up the mountain, for they were with him.

They want to know how God preserved him and protected him. He reminds them of the story of the two women in the field, God took one and left the other. And so it is, we all shall have our moment on center stage, and then we exit, though no one knows the hour or the day. We must keep the faith til we win the race of the Race.

And we shall pass the baton at the earliest moment, for there are those who come after us who are of a world we shall never see, so we must not oppose them but guide them so they do not drop the baton but cross the finish line to victory.

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