Monday, September 15, 2008

The Fall of America

The fall of America was foretold by Elijah but his teachings were rejected by the Black intellectuals in Crisis whose Marxist analysis was not crystal clear on this point. But Elijah told you the dollar would be floating in the street soon and very soon. He told you men's hearts would be failing them due to the fear caused by the fall of the international finance system called Global capitalism or imperialism. He told you this in his book Fall of Amerca. But you intellectual Negroes are so smart you have outsmarted yourselves, thus your crisis. You can't figure your asses from a hole in the ground. You see American falling before your very eyes, yet you are dumbfounded on the reality before your eyes. The Great Beast cannot fall, not yet, he must recover, it is only a matter of time. No, brother, this is the fall of the Great Whore, Babylon the Great.

And you may fall with him unless you pull your nuts out of the sand and get a grip on your Divinity. Keep thinking Sunni Islam can save you, or any other religiosity full of reaction rather than a radical destruction of the status quo. All your prayers are for naught, your meaningless praying and fasting can go to the winds that you see in the hurricanes blowing your asses into the skies from city to city, state to state. Pray and see if God will help you in your pitiful hour of need. This is the end for you and your master, whether white, Arab, Asian, European, African or whatever. They shall go down with you in your iniquity. You persist in hanging around the rich man's gate while he is suffering in misery because of his greed and desire for domination.
--Marvin X

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