Wednesday, November 11, 2009


From: Marvin X

To: Paul Cobb, Conway Jones, Maxine Ussery, Jack Naidu, Gene Hazzard, Adam Turner, Ken Johnson, Kamau Amen-Ra, Khalid Waajib, Rev. George Murray, Walter Riley, Jimmy Garrett, Abdul Sabry,Aubrey Labrie, James W. Sweeney, Charlie Walker, Renee, Suzzette Celeste, Ayodele Nzingha, HuNia, Arthur Sheridan, Terry Collins, Oba T'shaka, Dr. Dorothy Tsuruta, Christine Harris, Cecil Brown,Linda Johnson, Augusta Collins, Rashidah Mwongozi, Val Serrant, Raynetta Rayzetta, Mutima Imani, Peter Fitzsimmons, Delores, Jerri Lange, Michael Lange, devorah major, jahahara, Cecil Brown, Eugene Allen, Ptah Allah El, Duke Williams, J Vern Cromartie, Zahieb Mwongozi, Charles Blackwell, Geoffrey Grier, Shukuru, Phil Hutchins, Wanda Sabir, Safi, Paradise, devorah major, thomas Simpson, Jahahara, Carolyn and Leon Teasley
Re: Thanks

Dear Friend,
We deeply appreciate your support and participation in helping the Bay Area Writers, Artist, and Activists celebrate the 75th Birthday of Amiri Baraka. Thank you for attending because your presence and spirit helped to make this a most memorable event. In the future we ask that you continue to share your energy with us and support events sponsored by Blacks Arts West, and The Bay Area Writers, Artists, and Activist Coalition.

Peace and Love,
Marvin X

Next Event

On Saturday, November 21, 8pm

Marvin X reads and discusses

his memoir of Eldridge Cleaver--

My Friend the Devil

intro by Amiri Baraka

Readers include: Ayodele Nzingha, Suzzette Celese, Geoffrey Grier, Ptah Allah El, Eugene Allen

Musical accompanient by Rashidah Mwongozi

Dance Linda Johnson, Raynetta Raynetta

Eastside Cultural Center

2277 International Blvd,


call 510-533-6629

donation $10.00

"This is the funniest book of 2009.

The more you know about black

history, the funnier it is.

--Dr. James Garrett

Marvin X is one of America's

great story tellers. Maybe second

only to Mark Twain. Of course I'd place

Marvin X ahead of him even.

--Rudolph Lewis, editor,

Hallelujah! MX is reminiscing, I must say, entertaningly,

about his historic dalliance w/shaitan.

--Amiri Baraka, from intro

Thank you Marvin...get it all out, write it out, dance it out,

cry it out, swear it out, walk it out, work it out, thank you

for sharing. --Tarika Lewis, violinist, activist and first Black Panther female

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