Saturday, November 7, 2009

Staff of Baraka Celebration at Jazz Heritage Center

Earl Davis, trumpet player and longtime associate of Marvin X when he played at the Black Arts West/Theatre (circa 1966, along with Dewey Redman, Oliver Johnson, Rafeal Garrett, Monte Waters, BJ, et al) will serve as music director for the Amiri Baraka celebration at the Jazz Heritage Center. Earl also played with Sun Ra, one of the cofounders of the Black Arts Theatre in Harlem. Sun Ra also worked with Marvin X on the west coast at his Black Educational Theatre on O'farrel between Fillmore and Webster.

Earl will coordinate the musicians for the musical/dance interlude. He will perform during the reception at Lush Life Gallery. Please give him respect as an elder and legend in his own right.

Linda Johnson will serve as dance director for the processional. She will work with Rayetta Rayzetta, Rashidah Mwongozi, drummers Kele Nitoto and Val Serrant and additional dancers

Ayodele Nzingha will be stage manager and co-facilitator of the words of praise segment, co-facilitator is Arthur Sheridan.

Geoffrey Grier will assist Ayo on the stage.

Hunia and Marvin X will serve as MCs.

Ptah Allah El will coordinate the video production team that consists of Adam Turner, Ken Johnson, Khalid Waajib, and photographers Kamau Amen-Ra and Gene Hazzard.

Black Dialogue Brothers will head security (Abdul Sabry, Aubry Labrie, Duke Williams, Arthur Sheridan, Saadat Ahmed, Marvin X)

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