Monday, November 30, 2009

Spiritual Growth to Womanhood

Spiritual Growth to Womanhood
A Manual based on Proverbs 16


Nefertiti Jackmon

70 pages, $15.00
Black Bird Press
1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94702
Publication date: December, 2009

Spiritual Growth to Womanhood is a how-to manual for the spiritual woman of any faith, but the text is an exegesis of Proverbs 16, a chapter deconstructing the perfect woman who walks on solid ground, confident and sure of herself, determined to succeed in spite of all odds, to take care of herself first, though she is not selfish, rather selfless and unconditional in her love of family and community. She is an entrepreneur, a hustler for the good of herself and family. Nefertiti takes us on a whirlwind journey with incidents from her own life to illustrate her points. The style is clean, smooth and uplifting, always on the positive in presenting solutions to problems faced by today's woman. But Proverb 16 offers a clear path to success if women take heed of ancestral wisdom.

The manual grew out of Nefertiti's desire for mentorship. Since it was difficult to find a mentor, God told her the answer was in Proverbs. And so it is.

This book is recommended for young and mature women who might also be in need of spiritual mentorship , although such mentorship is based on practical steps that include thinking critically, self esteem, independence and interdependence. She negates poverty consciousness in favor of prosperity consciousness, prayer but work, not passivity.

While her target is women, there is much wisdom in this manual that men might find insightful, for it describes the woman every successful man would want at his side. The book includes a blank page after each section for notes.

Nefertiti Jackmon received her B.A. in English from Fresno State University, M.A. in Africana Studies from New York University, Albany. Her spiritual work included administering a mega-church in Houston, Texas.

She is available for readings and workshops, especially with women seeking spiritual growth.

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