Monday, November 16, 2009

San Pablo Police Murder Charlie Walker's Grandson

San Pablo Police Murder Charlie Walker's Grandson

We heard the news all weekend that the San Pablo police killed a 16 year old fleeing from an alleged car jacking. The news said although the 16 year old did not have a gun, he was shot anyway because they "thought" he might have a gun. We thought this was strange for the police to kill the young man because they "thought" he had a gun.

My friend Charlie Walker called this morning to tell me the young man was his grandson, the son of his oldest daughter, Yolanda. Shortly before his call my daughter had dropped off my grandson for me to baby-sit while she ran an errand. After the news from Charlie, I looked at my grandson a different way, although he is only two I wondered will he live to 16. We all live in a danger zone--if the police don't kill us because they think we have a gun, a brother might take us out for some meaningless reason.

What must be done in the danger zone? We must put on the armor of God as protection against the police and our brothers. The armor of God is consciousness of our mission and purpose. It is being ever on the alert and not getting caught up in meaningless bullshit, petty crimes and activities that put our lives in jeopardy.

Our prayers go out to the Walker family and especially his daughter, Yolanda.

Marvin X

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