Monday, November 16, 2009

Mythology of Love

The Mythology of Love

Don't Say Pussy
just beat your woman half to death
because you own her
she yo private property
don't say pussy
just gang rape from America to Africa
from the streets of Richmond to the DA's office
don't say pussy
that's a nasty word
just cut off clitoris
it's African tradition
and we african to the bone
don't say pussy
let AIDS infect the world
but don't say pussy
say vagina
anything but pussy
say cat
anything but pussy
nastiest word in creation
we presume
don't say pussy
just be a church ho
jezebel in the temple
don't say pussy
people might understand
it's a woman's body not man's
not his pussy but hers
24/7 she owns it
you don't have a pussy
you don't have a pussy
pussy man
get the concept baby boy
now you got 25 to life for rape
don't say pussy
say asshole from now on
don't say pussy
abuse yo wife cause she gave up some
to yo buddy
only after you fucked her best friend
but don't say pussy
cause you own it
paid for it
got it legal
not in the alley
in yo house
so abuse it accuse it
but don't say it
send yo woman to the hospital
two black eyes
why not kill her cause she gave it up
in a revenge fuck
you taught her to say
"You don't have no evidence
I gave it up"
you told her that many times
on yo pussy runs
but don't say pussy
in anger management class
court mandated
since you so warped
wanna beat her
why not beat the white man
beat yo boss
not yo woman, yo pussy
you love so much
but it's gone now
ain't coming back
you so crude and rude
don't say pussy
just think about it.
think about who taught you pussy was dirty, nasty
the church, the pope, the bishop fucking little boys
what he know bout pussy
ain't pussy God's mother
holy mary mother of God
who taught you pussy was nasty, funky
was it religions of men
wanting control of women and the fruit of their womb
control of property
control of the world
who are these men
did they come from women
did women teach them this madness
was it her breast milk
her kindness
wiping their asses
snotty noses
was it mama's hands taught them this
yet they hate pussy
will beat it to death, throw it in the Bay, on the roadside, in the woods
in the backyard, in the wall
what kind of people are these
constructing a world to hate pussy
the very thing that gave them life
won't let it be free
want to cage it box it handcuff it tie it up in the closet
what manner of man is this
what beast what cave animal what dog
still cave acting in the modern world
actually hating that which he loves
some kind of schizophrenic devil

can't do without pussy for five minutes
he wants to cum
wants some head
wants some yeah pussy
wants some ass
wants wants wants
but hates hates hates pussy
a sick man really
go to the pussy doctor
not the gyno but the psycho
talk to him bout yo problem
why you so warped demented deranged
want to get violent over her pussy
that you can't own no matter what the papers say
no matter how much you pay on yo pussy bill
you can't own it dog
don't think you own it for a minute cause you don't you can't
it's not yours to own baby boy
get a life a real life in a hurry
before the end of the world
don't you see it coming
and you still stuck on stupid
go be dead in this life
dead in the hereafter
be careful
pussy gives life and pussy takes life
you can't beat it
too strong
you lose in the end
pussy always wins
pussy bad
better ax somebody.
go get a healing!

--Marvin X

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