Monday, July 27, 2009

Marvin X book signing and conversation

Book Signing and Conversation with Author Marvin X

On Saturday, August 1, the Post Newspaper Group will host a conversation and book signing with author/poet/playwright/activist Marvin X. The event will be in memory of journalist Chauncey Bailey who was assassinated August 2, 2007. Marvin X will celebrate the release of his memoir Eldridge Cleaver: My Friend the Devil. Marvin wrote his memoir while on a national book tour in March. In less than three weeks he finished the first draft, inspired by a conversation with his daughter, Nefertiti, in Houston, Texas. Amiri Baraka, godfather of the Black Arts Movement (Marvin X is a co-founder), provided the introduction.

The event will at the Joyce Gordon Gallery, 406 14th Street, Oakland. James W. Sweeney will converse with Marvin on a variety of topics, local, national and international. Sweeney has said, "Marvin walked through the muck and mire of hell and came out clean as white fish and black as coal." Sweeney, a collector of black art, allowed Marvin to use a painting of Eldridge Cleaver for the book cover. He says My Friend the Devil is a metaphor for everyone to examine the demons in their lives. "Don't think Marvin is talking about Eldridge's demons, or even Marvin's because we all have demons in our midst, even Jesus had demons."

On the subject of his friend Chauncey Bailey, Marvin has this to say: It has been revealed that the brothers at Your Black Muslim Bakery were only patsies for the OPD, local politicians and Mexican drug dealers. The OPD was shaking down black drug dealers so the Mexicans could take over the black tar heroin trade. The OPD black shake down squad (similar to the Riders) then used the Muslims to fence the dope and jewelry taken from the blacks.
This case reveals the din of iniquity Oakland has become. It is almost impossible to separate the good guys from the bad. It is clear to me Chauncey was not killed because he was planning to write something negative about the Muslims. The Muslim Bakery problems were public information, including their bankruptcy proceedings. Bailey was thus not killed for investigating the Muslims but because the OPD, politicians and the Mexican drug gangs feared he knew about their scurvy activities, including the behavior of former mayor Jerry Brown, now attorney general, who is quoted as saying when Chauncey worked for the Oakland Tribune, "I'm going to stop that Nigger (Chauncey) from snooping around City Hall and the police department." Brown orchestrated Bailey's firing from the Tribune. The above information has been known by the OPD and the Chauncey Bailey Project but they have failed to disclose the Mexican drug connection. The former Chief of Police warned Post publisher Paul Cobb if he filed a complaint based on this information he should get a bulletproof vest.

Marvin X says it is time to tell the truth, so help me Allah (God). A community living on lies and denial can only go down as Murphy’s law tells us. Lies become an addiction until we are consumed by them. We cannot even face our children and family because they know we are cowards whose manhood and dignity is crushed under foot by fear. Our ancestors paid the price in full for us to stand tall and tell the truth, not scurry around like rats.

Invited guests include Angela Davis and Bobby Seale. Call 510-355-6339 for more information. Wine and light refreshments will be served. Admission with book purchase, $19.95.

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