Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael as King Tut

Michael As King Tut

Boy king
like Tut
smasher of idols

old school religion
hailer of One God
made shahadah
beyond priests of Amen
sang poems of a new world
hail to Ra Supreme
Michael rode his boat ashore
down Nile
Remember the Time?
A song for amnesia people
Look in the Mirror!
those who deny self
wannabe werewolves

Tut lived three thousand years ago
but came again
see him today
coffin of gold
a glove
will live three thousand years
marvel at him
king of pop
how did he do it
out smart those priests
the Amen crowd
stone throwers
let us praise the good
of the boy king
no matters his foibles
sing a happy song
praise to the Sun.

He wanted to live forever
and shall
no matter what
the evil ones
haters all
Michael took his place
among the stars
sacred love songs
we shall sing forever.
Ra. Ra. Ra.
--Marvin X

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