Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marvin X Literary Revolution

Marvin X Literary Revolution

According to Brother Lumakanda, Marvin X should receive the Pulitzer prize for his recent memoir on Eldridge Cleaver and his pamphlet Mythology of Pussy. Lumakanda says if he and Marvin had read something similar to Mythology of Pussy when they were 17 years old, it might have saved some sisters from partner abuse--it might have saved Marvin's marriages. It would have given them progressive consciousness at an early age. They would have avoided the patriarchal notions of women as chattel property. They would have received manhood training, especially on the nature of the female and male as spiritual beings.

Dr. Jimmy Garrett says Eldridge Cleaver, my friend the devil, is the funniest book of the year. And the more you know about black liberation movement history, the funnier it is.

Jerry Vernardo, one of the BSU strike leaders at San Francisco State University, says Marvin's Beyond Religion, toward Spirituality and How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy are both prophetic works.

At the Berkeley Flea Market, the largest African market in the Bay, women and men hugged Marvin for writing Mythology of Pussy, although the politically correct pseudo conscious Negroes avoided him. Not so with the masses, they grabbed nearly every copy of his latest writings.

In a phone conversation last night with Amiri Baraka, he asked Marvin, "What are you going to come out with next?" Marvin replied, "I don't know. I'm like Coltrane, I just let it happen. I try to take my mind as far out as I can--trying to figure out this conundrum of life in America."

Marvin X is a one man army on the streets of the Bay Area, selling and giving away his writings on the streets of Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco. In the last few months, his plays have been produced from New York to the Bay, so is there a Marvin X literary revolution in progress? His first play will be performed at the upcoming San Francisco Theatre Festival later this month at Yerba Buena Center. On Saturday, August 1, he will have a book signing and conversation with James W. Sweeney, former Berkeley City Councilman. The event will take place at the Joyce Gordon Gallery, 406 14th Street @ Franklin, downtown Oakland, 3-5 pm, sponsored by the Oakland Post Newspaper Group. It is a tribute to slain Oakland Post editor, Chauncey Bailey. Co-sponsor is the Black Dialogue Brothers. Call 510-355-6339 for more information. Space is limited, come early. Refreshments served.

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