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Brothers and Sisters, we must pray to get through the day. We must pray for all those sick in hospitals and those in hospices and who must make their transition because of final stage diseases. Pray. Some of those in need of prayer are our relatives, loved ones, friends, and even strangers we come upon in our daily round tell us of their sorrow stories, so we pray for strangers and even those we hate when they are in grief. Pray just to make it through the day. Pray for the Ancestors, that they are happy with us for staying the course, that we do not shame them with wicked behavior and demon consciousness, that we elevate ourselves to the divine plane always, discarding the animal plane of consciousness. Pray for those in hospitals not served by our own kind because we refuse to build such hospitals, and so our sick and diseased must go to strangers for treatment.
Just know the devil used the doctor, nurse and undertaker to carry out the creation of the devil. And why do we love the devil, because he gives us nothing! So we are at the whim of our enemy for medical treatment, experimented on, misdiagnosed, victim of malpractice and other scams in the medical profession, along with no observers from family or friends, we go under the knife and often do not come out alive. What part don't you understand? Pray, so we can get through the day. Prayer is energy like air, fresh air, healing, soothing, air, a prayer.
--Marivn X

Declaring Muslim American literature as a field of study is valuable because by re-contextualizing it will add another layer of attention to Marvin X’s incredibly rich body of work. Muslim American literature begins with Marvin X. (Note: The University of California , Berkeley , Bancroft Library, recently acquired the archives of Marvin X.)
—Dr. Mohja Kahf, Dept. of English & Middle East & Islamic Studies,University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Subject: Postscript: Obama in Cairo

Yes, it was indeed thrilling to hear an American president say As-Salaam-Alaikum and quote passages from Al Qur-an, and his middle name is Hussein! What in the world is going on? And then he spoke of the splendors of Moorish Spain. He noted the first American treaty was with a Muslim nation, Morocco, in the 18th century. Moorish Americans, followers of Noble Drew Ali, site this treaty to claim the Moors were not slaves but independent people and were recognized for their nationality, not as Negroes but citizens of Moorish civilization and their descendants should be respected as such today.

Obama mentioned the splendor of Islamic science, art and literature, especially geography, calligraphy, medicine, translating the classics to enable Europe to come out of the "dark ages" into the rennaissance of the Middle Ages. Most Muslims know this history, so he was clearly speaking to non-Muslims to educate them on the billion plus people in their midst. It was his duty to be diplomatic and not upset his host, Pharaoh Mubarak (umm, they have the same name, Barack or blessed, Mubarak, one who is blessed). He even quoted the Bible, blessed are the peacemakers, they shalled be called the children of God. Truly, it was a breath of fresh aid to hear an intelligent president speak, and to speak with clear knowledge of the subject matter.

But finally, have no illusions, take off your rose colored glasses, Obama is a master politician, otherwise he would not be president of the United States, so he is playing a game with the players for the high stakes game of world hegemony--it might be a losing battle because the consciousness of white supremacy and capitalism must go into the dustbin of history. It should be a Communist nation is coming into world power. And one need only look south of the border to list the nations turning toward Socialism and Communism, to one degree or another, call them Democratic Socialists or simply say they have an alternative to the free market economy that seeks cheap labor and natural resources at the point of the gun.

I'm afraid your president cannot tell you the deep structure issues he is dealing with, but confounds you with surface platitudes about democracy and women's rights, while people want to know what is changing on the ground: can we get clean water, electricity and garbage service in Baghdad, can we get food and building materials into Gaza; can we stop the killing of civilians from US war planes in Afghanistan, can we return home three million refugees in the US inspired war in Pakistan?

Re: The Speech

As I predicted, his speech was Obama Light, full of poetic sounds but no fury. How can you tell a man not to be violent when you've invaded his house for 60 years? And now you want to be recognized as the owner of his house while he is living in a tent in the backyard. I don't blame Hamas, if it takes one hundred years (as with the Crusaders who finally departed with Saladin's sword on their throats) or two hundred years. No one is going to give up his land, no matter how long it takes. And furthermore, Mr. Obama, don't tell me to be non-violent when you too have invaded the land of my brother's in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and maybe soon you will plant your feet, guns, and bombs in Iran. Yes, you spoke in the land of Pharaoh, talking of democracy while you know Pharaoh Mubarak's son is about to take over to extend the dynasty. You speak of democratic elections but Hamas was elected but you overthrew their election with money and guns delievered bythat whore Condi. You said you were about truth but you hide the truth while you know. You know you are already in bed with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf States to stop the spread of Shia Islam which is flowing rapidly from the Tigris to the Mediterranean. And the Jew is in the middle of the bed with you all in one giant orgy of lies, death and destruction. Can the devil fool a Muslim? No, not these days!
--Marvin X

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Subject: Re: Obama's Fake Speech to Muslims

Marvin was happier when Bush was there because his speech was Terror. This other dude is probably Rush Limbaugh's underwear. AB

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Brother Marvin it is no suprise,Obama is a creation of the ruling class,he is a political Bill Cosby, Mr. Huxable. What has Obama done for Black people who are suffering so much ? Not a damn thing, Obama is an Uncle Tom butt kisser.

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Does not the Qur'an refer to Allah as He, a gender term? It is all in the translation. Why could not Allah be trasnlated as She? Come out the box of religiosity, brother--use the mind God gave You, as my Mother taught. Brother, I am a student of Aaron Ali, weren't you?

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Subject: Re: Obama's Fake Speech to Muslims

Brother, have you not heard we write history 25,000 years ahead. We have the power to think before thoughts manifest as words. I have the power to read Obama's mind--you too!

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Subject: Re: Obama's Fake Speech to Muslims

Let's not preempt our president.He has not made his speech yet. I do think the trip is a step in the right direction.We shouldn't expect him to overturn 400 years of oppression in 4 months or 4 years. Our goals should be focused on uplifting our community economically, socially and politically. We can point fingers, but we have three pointing back at us.It is easy to criticize,but difficult to organize viable goals for our community.The above statement was written yesterday prior to Obama's speech in Egypt.I thought it was a typically brilliant Obama speech.Let's pray for his success. He is making steps, no past american president has made- reaching out to the Muslim world.I don't look at the Muslim world in divisive terms of shia and sunni.The lesson of hajj-one of the five pillars-is that we put aside our cultural and political differences and worship Allah as One.The whispers of Satan and the arrogance of Iblis is what keep us divided.One last point,I think it highly disrespectful to refer to the Creator of the heavens and the earth in gender(he/she) terms.I know the feminist are making a case to be included in the godhead because of the scriptual references to the Creator as He, but they don't complain about references to Mother earth mother nature.Aint that just like a bitch.Together we stand, divided we fall.In brotherly love.

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