Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reply to Marvin X's Beyond Religion, toward Spirituality
Gerald Ali

Myth, fiction, phantasy, for political reasons, imperialism and exploitation.

The 'god' of Abraham gave him land, the land was actually given by the then Pharaoh to Abraham who had married Hagar, the pharaohs daughter, the land was at Mecca, where the Muslim Kabaa is. So the 'god' of Abraham is an Egyptian, a male raised to the level of a god, a monotheistic god, but not by Abraham, nor his descendants, but their enemies.

Not so much just 'towards' spirituality, but in many ways a 'return' to an older true human way of thought, one common in all old societies, pre Patriarchal.
Not so much a return, but a new freeing of the mind.
The breaking of the shackles of the mind, the bringing about a 'leap' in human consciousness, the moving up a level in the spiral of progress, which itself will break people from the falsity of all religions.

Divine, as in the water diviner, a finder, to divine, as in seeking to find the future prior to it happening, a ''divine supernatural being'' is the phantasy, one that doesn't exist, a supernatural nothingness, an abstraction with no base in factuality.

Science, to divine the correct reality of matter, and its properties, and the application of the findings of science to making life better and easier for the mass of people, through utilising the secular field, society.

Religion takes from the masses, exploitation, always needing money, science gives to the masses, the difference lies entirely with who 'rules society', at present, the religious and the corporation of capitalism and their agents on the temporal field.

So even science is perverted, distorted for their needs, not for the needs of the masses, except when its in the interest of the ruling class.
But change who rules society, cut back the religious and their expression capitalism, and then a new society may/will bloom, and science will 'divine'' in accordance with the new rulers, the masses themselves.

'Divine' is an abstraction for the religious, something that cannot be perceived, exist only in darkness.
'Divine' is not an abstraction for science or the secular, its applied.

Religion equates with temporal field, temporal being the religious term for the social field, the priests being religious and working within the structure of the 'church', and temporal non priests as administrators in government, both group based on the 'religious programme.

Science equates with secular, but is badly distorted, as in modern society where its posed as religious or secular, the two being posed sometimes as equal and sometimes as opposed, but secular is not seen as being what it really is - the practical of science.

Once one see's the correct interpretation, one also see the distortion made by and in favour of the religious, who also say they work in everyday life on the secular field, society, yet make no mention of the temporal field, as it was so commonly called throughout European society, throughout the dark ages.

Religion and science are opposed, the temporal and the secular as extensions of the previous two, are also opposed.

The religious oppose science, but want televisions, vehicles, planes, all the benefits that science brings, they are all hypocritical, to truly persue their religions, they should fully oppose and refuse to use anything brought about by science.
Or shut their mouths.

The items below are of interest, as they expose and clarify as to how the Torah, and the old testament, through to the new testament, really called the Greek gospels, were in fact compiled.
(( Marvin --- '' I tried to suggest the time has come to transcend religious myth and ritual.''
SAY it louder, and state it rather than just suggesting. ))

Through the use of stolen works, myths, rituals and concepts from earlier periods, implemented through mass illiteracy of the people, as is still the case in many areas of the 'religious, including [some would say especially ] the USA, where people have a truly perverted meaning of what is meant by 'LITERACY.

Solon the Greek, Socrates also Greek, never put pen to paper, they never bothered to learn how to, but both are fully classed as outstandingly LITERATE men, as well as leading intellectuals, even Homer is looked upon as never using ink, just the spoken word, a master of the LITERATE, so it has been through history.
Making or deciphering symbols on paper, or on a screen doesn't make anyone literate.
This doesn't mean I agree with everything below of Marvins, just some of it. Begins very well, last paragraph hmmmm .... and the first and the last are joined by the middle.

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