Friday, June 19, 2009

The Myth of Abraham

The myth of Abraham reveals that Africans (Canaanites) lived in the land before Abraham arrived from the land of Ur, circa Babylon, or modern Iraq. Diop tells us the Egyptians and Canaanites were brothers, thus the land of Canaan was African land, we can read further the Wonderful Ethiopians of Arabia. But there is no Jew or Arab until Abraham wanders into Canaan. This is the beginning of Jewish mythology. The aboriginal inhabitants of Arabia were the Ethiopians or Egyptians.

Abraham then makes the mistake of marrying his maid, the Egyptian Hagar who gives birth to Ishmael from whom the Arabs descend, the Jews descending from Abraham and Sarah, through Isaac. Never have these half brothers caused more chaos in history than at the present moment with their mythological claims to the socalled Holy Land while the rightful owner is totally ignorant of the fact he is the rightful owner. Even Negroes in their mythical madness and ignorance support the Jewish claim to the land. We have a feeling the entire matter will be solved soon with the destruction of the area by nuclear warfare, urged on by a combination of myths from Jews, Muslims and Christians.

The tragedy of myth is that all reality is myth or a story, real or imagined or a combination of reality and fantasy, of cultural history and political domination at the point of the gun--the gun is politics by other means, as Mao taught. Myths are true only to those who believe them, just as in Vodun, if you don't believe it, it has no effect on you, but once you accept it one is bound to be hexed, vexed, spooked or whatever. The myth of the Negro was only valid as long as he accepted it. Once he declared "I am a man," the Negro vanished in an instant and the black man and woman arrived on the stage of history.

Today the problem is perhaps something akin to reverse evolution with the Negro advancing and retreating simultaneously. He is both the donkey of the world and the stallion, the king and the beggar. It is this confusion of identity that has led to a severe schizophrenia in the Negro, Black man/woman, African, Asiatic, or an infinite combination of names that reveal the seriousness of his mental illness stemming for identity confusion, including his sexual identity which forces him to either don the persona of superman or superbitch.

In Oakland, the death of two young men illustrate the choice. Oscar Grant surrendered to police and was still shot in the back while on the ground, thus he went out like a superbitch, passive and submissive. On the other hand, Louvell Mixon went out like superman, taking four OPD pigs with him. His death instilled an "obscene pride" in the black masses of Oakland, while the death of Oscar Grant only induced pitty and sorry. As Mao said, some deaths are lighter than a feather, some higher than Mount Tai.

On one level the black man has taken the reins of world power, yet still on the bottom in every society, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Socialist, Communist, Capitalist. His lack of an original mythology that will usher him into the modern era may cause him to never liberate himself out the dungeon of putrid ghetto life. While he is original and creative, he is still reactioinary and backward, setting the style in world culture even in his backwardness because initially it is the cool pose, but on closer examination it is the pose of defeat and dread, for he lives an existential drama of insecurity, lack of direction, with no planning or future, except at the whim of the winds. If only he would pull up his pants and go to work doing something for himself. Read any book that will inspire him to fulfill the dreams of his ancestors who suffered so much for him to see this day. Listen to uplifing music that will take his consciousness to a higher level of spirituality, not music that tares apart his central nervous system. Every beat, every rhythm affects our central nervous system. Yet we create beats in total ignorance of their effect except that they sound good, yet they cause us to kill at the drop of a hat, a glance of the eye. It has been revealed that in the first Gulf war the US subjected subliminal codes into the music the Iraqi Army was listening to, and this coded message caused them to throw down their guns and surrender en masse. If this is true, it shows the power of sound, even subliminal sound. So even music is myth, sound is myth, every beat of the drum has mythical power. Ask any Yoruba devotee. It is time to dance to a different drummer.

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