Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson and His Good Works

After spending the day at San Francisco's Gay Pride Celebration, it was disappointing to hear gays and lesbians say they didn't like Michael because he was a pedophile. I found their attitude shocking since when did they gain the moral ground above Michael?
If we consider gay and lesbian behavior based on the moral standard of the Bible, they stand condemned along with Michael. And who is to say Michael's behavior should not come to be recognized as "legal," or even consummated with marriage? If you believe in freedom for all, how can you deny Michael? If he or anyone else wants to marry a tree, who can object, especially gays and lesbians. I love prostitutes and feel prostitution should be legal. Freedom for everyone or freedom for nobody. Let's continue this moral hypocrisy in everyone, gays, lesbians, Christians, Muslims, Communists, and Atheists. The governor of South Carolina is about to lose his head because he had a lover outside of marriage. Should such behavior be allowed even though the Bible condemns adultery? If he thinks he needs another woman, why should he be denied--especially when the biblical prophets had all the wives they wanted whenever they wanted.

With respect to gays and lesbians, we saw today the high numbers of young people attracted to that lifestyle. Whatever we think about that lifestyle, do we not owe our children unconditional love as human beings in search of their sexual identity? In most cases, we have not provided them with manhood and womanhood training so they could advance into manhood and womanhood without gender confusion. We let them go through trial and tribulation without saying a word except words of condemnation. We show them no love and understanding, when clearly many of they have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of family members and friends, turning them out to the gay or lesbian lifestyle.

And I am convinced the water and food is turning many children gay and lesbian due to the steroids and growth hormones recycled in the water and injected into the food by the petrochemical industry. I can accept that some children may be born than way, and we know they can become persons of great genius, especially in the arts and literature, but other fields as well.

Are we going to show unconditional love to everyone or be selective and hypocritical? And are we going to condemn the evil in another's eyes yet deny the evil in our own?

Betty Shabazz (may she rest in peace) said, "Find the good and praise it." Sometimes I can be hypercritical, but I try to check myself.
I say Michael Jackson was indeed the King of Music in his era and beyond as we shall see. His personal behavior on the sexual level did not bother me as much as his addiction to white supremacy, evident by his desire to be white. But as my colleague, Ptah Allah El noted in his analysis of the Thriller album, perhaps Michael was trying to tell us of his unfortunate transformation into a werewolf as the result of being a man in this society, a black man. Every black man who has tried to rise up has been destroyed, from slavery resisters such as David Walker, Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Gabriel Prosser to Jack Johnson, W.E.B. Dubois, Marcus Garvey,
Paul Robeson, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. Shall we not await the coming destruction of President Obama?

And so America has a way of making us all sick, especially the most talented. Baldwin said it's a wonder we all haven't gone stark raving mad. So it is not surprising we all suffer some degree of moral degeneration and sexual pathologies, from rape, incest, physical abuse, and murder. Consider the roots of this society; consider the founding fathers who were themselves kidnappers, rapists and sexual abusersand most of all, terrorists , and such behavior went on throughout slavery into post-slavery with lynching done in the name of Jesus Christ. And today the jails and prisons, encluding the juvenile jails, are hell holes where inmates are traumatized and terrorized, including slave labor and forced feeding, not to mention the unjust application of the death penalty for blacks and other minorities, including poor whites.

The contributions of Michael Jackson should help put him in perspective of a soul who did all he could do with what he had to work with. We must now ask ourselves what contribution will we make, especially considering what we have to work with and what negative things have occurred in our lives to destroy our mental, physical and spiritual health.

--Marvin X

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