Thursday, June 4, 2009

RE: Obama's Fake Speech to Muslims

As I predicted, his speech was Obama Light, full of poetic sounds but no fury. How can you tell a man not to be violent when you've invaded his house for 60 years? And now you want to be recognized as the owner of his house while he is living in a tent in the backyard. I don't blame Hamas, if it takes one hundred years (as with the Crusaders who finally departed with Saladin's sword on their throats) or two hundred years. No one is going to give up his land, no matter how long it takes. And furthermore, Mr. Obama, don't tell me to be non-violent when you too have invaded the land of my brother's in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and maybe soon you will plant your feet, guns, and bombs in Iran. Yes, you spoke in the land of Pharaoh, talking of democracy while you know Pharaoh Mubarak's son is about to take over to extend the dynasty. You speak of democratic elections but Hamas was elected but you overthrew their election with money and guns delievered by that whore Condi. You said you were about truth but you hide the truth while you know. You know you are already in bed with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf States to stop the spread of Shia Islam which is flowing rapidly from the Tigris to the Mediterranean. And the Jew is in the middle of the bed with you all in one giant orgy of lies, death and destruction. Can the devil fool a Muslim? No, not these days!
--Marvin X
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Marvin was happier when Bush was there because his speech was Terror. This other dude is probably Rush Limbaugh's underwear. AB

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Brother Marvin it is no suprise,Obama is a creation of the ruling class,he is a political Bill Cosby, Mr. Huxable. What has Obama done for Black people who are suffering so much ? Not a damn thing, Obama is an Uncle Tom butt kisser.

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Obama's Fake Speech to MuslimsOur President will go down in history as a great actor. In Cairo we will see him pretend to address the Islamic nations, calling for moderation and cooperation with the US toward a Palestinian state and a united front against Iran.In truth, there is already a group of moderate, uncle tom Muslim nations in league with the US and Zionism and united against Iran. This group includes the sycophants Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf states. These nations are conspiring with Israel to contain Shite expansion from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon via Hezbollah. The Sunni Muslim Nations have no intention to allow a functioning Shite government in Iraq. They are and will do everything in their power to check Iran's influence in Iraq, including sending insurgents from their countries, not only to counter Shite power but to get the young men away from home where they are potential trouble makers and might join the opposition to overthrow the reactionary Sunni regimes who are aligned with Zionism and American imperialism, now called Globalism. So send them away from Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and elsewhere to be suicide bombers and blame Shite Islam as the problem, includingIran's nuclear program, while only America has used nuclear weapons in our lifetime and the Zionists are prepared to use such weapons to prevent justice in Palestine. Thus we need to be concerned about the American use of such weapons of mass destruction, more than anyone else, including North Korea. Does not America have the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world and has she not proven she will use it, especially to attack her non-white enemies?It is totally hypocritical for Obama to talk of peace with Muslim nations while the US is still occupying Muslim land in Iraq, Afghanistan and slowly but surely moving into Pakistan as he vowed to do while running for president. So, yes, we have a white imperialist in black face, a negro afraid to say the word Black, but if one million black men return to Washington DC and camp out until freedom is won, he will immediately seek out black leaders to make a deal. So called black leaders and thinkers should be planning for a post-white supremacy America. As Baraka asked years ago, "What are you going to do when white power falls?" Answer this question, Black America! Don't tell me all you want is a job, a good slave job for which you were brought here in the beginning. Are you that delusional, is your break with reality so profound that you cannot see the day of jobs in America is over and done, and that you are now on your own, finally free and independent whether you want to be or not. You are now forced to get your nuts out the sand and stand up to do something for self. You are now being called upon, yes, by God Himself/Herself, to get you black ass out the white house intoyour own house because when white power falls, including white power in black face, you may find yourself again with the scraps in the multiracial power grab or Balkanization of your land of the free and home of the brave. --Marvin X

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