Thursday, August 20, 2009

Police Swoop Down on Marvin X

OPD Swoop Down on Marvin X

As Marvin X continued his literacy and educational campaign at the crossroads of Oakland, 14th and Broadway, he was suddenly surrounded by Oakland police who jumped out of three cars to see if he was passing out pornographic literature. At first the officers stopped another street brother for questioning. When he was found not to be on probation or parole and had no warrants, he was free to go, although he was told he looked like the guy who was shooting at them last night and they are watching him. Then the third police car arrived and the officer came to Marvin X, saying he had received a complaint someone was passing out porno. Marvin X's books were on display, including the "best seller" Mythology of Pussy. He asked the officer would he like a copy. The officer said no and didn't bother to peruse it. He turned to join his fellow officers who continued to chat for several minutes before departing.

Other than the visit by Oakland's finest--who now have a new police chief brought in from Long Beach, CA, Marvin had a good day at his outdoor classroom. One mother got Mythology for her daughters. Another woman got two copies, one to send to a cousin in Texas. Another mother told her daughter to see how much money she had. The girl said 75 cents. The mother said, "Give it to him. Do you see that lock on the cover?" She was referring to the cover art with the chastity belt.

When youth claim they have no money, not even a dollar, Marvin has an angel who promptly gives the poet a dollar. The angel tells the person he is willing to give a dollar to possibly save their life. Indeed, if one reads Mythology, it will help them in their male/female relations, making them understand patriarchal domination must be eradicated.

At Oakland Art and Soul festival last weekend, one woman told Marvin X she thoroughly enjoyed reading Mythology and was so happy to see a man saying the things Marvin said, some of which she had not heard before. Many young men are reading Mythology to "get up on their game." If they want more game, wait until they read his soon to be released The Wisdom of Plato Negro, A Hustler's Guide to Game.

Marvin has also released a pamphlet entitled Inside Baraka's The Toilet, A Love Letter to Gay and Lesbian Youth. It is a attempt to reach out to touch the growing population of gay and lesbian youth who hang out in the downtown area.

On Saturday, Marvin X will be in Sacramento for a book party hosted by James W. Sweeney and his wife Renee, at their home in Elk Grove. Call 510-355-6339 for more informaton. On Sunday, at the Joyce Gordon Gallery, 14th and Franklin, Oakland, he will have a conversation with Ted Pontiflet who is exhibiting his paintings and photographs of James Baldwin,3-5pm. Call the Joyce Gordon Gallery for more information: 510-465-8928.

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