Thursday, August 27, 2009

Man Jacked in Sacramento for Mythology of Pussy

Oakland Man Jacked in Sacramento for Copy of Mythology

An Oakland man made the mistake of showing his copy of Mythology of Pussy to a group of young black males. He said they read parts of the pamphlet and refused to give it back to him. They said he could leave the apartment where they were gathered, but they were not giving him back the controversial manual on manhood and womanhood training. Young black males claim they can "up their game" by reading the pamphlet.

In Oakland, psychologist Dr. Lige Dailey, drove his Cadillac convertible to Marvin X's outdoor classroom at 14th and Broadway to obtain his copy. Superior Court Judge Gordon Baranco got his on the way to court.

At Rite Aid Drug Store, a young clerk had three copies of Mythology stolen by co-workers. Marvin gave her another copy and told her to take it home and don't show it to anyone on the way home or when she gets home. Several people reported to Marvin how their friends stole their copy or took it from their house and refuse to return it.

The poet's micro-credit plan is still working. Persons without money get the pamphlet on credit. Every day people return with the five dollar donation. He received a $20.00 donation from some.

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