Friday, June 20, 2008

Plato On The Sick Soul

A sick society produces sick souls. It is ludicrous to expect more. So what we have today are stunted men and women, unable to stand tall and take full responsibility for their actions. Some try mightily to do so, but can't find the strength to overcome their character flaws induced by the sick society. How can we expect men in a criminal culture to behave other than criminal? We want them to go out to kill, then return home to be loving fathers and husbands. What kind of monster do we have here; perhaps the kind Mary Wells sang about in her classic song about two lovers who were actually one. Yes, the sick society produces the schizophrenic personality or the persons with the dark side we are shocked to discover in the neighbor until we read about him/her in the morning news.

A society wherein half the households are without men is a sick society. It is a society in an obvious state of war with itself. Surely there are elements in the power strata making events happen that are detrimental to a certain strata, especially the lower economic class which is in chaos, and short of revolution, we cannot expect nothing but more chaos because the economic machine is determined to keep the status quo to maintain power.

The day strong men of consciousness rise to take responsibility for themselves and their families is the day of revolutionary action. On that day they will be loving and caring, for themselves, first of all, then for their women and children. Their actions will be healing and cleansing, eliminating the dirt and grime from their souls. They will allow no excuses to prevent them from forward motion. Their women will likewise be about the business of cleansing and healing themselves from ignorance and reactionary behavior that has made them incapable of being wives and mothers.

The sick society must be overthrown by any means necessary. It has no right to exist solely to produce sick souls lost in consumerism or conspicuous consumption that devours the souls of potential men and women. The sick soul must of necessity heal itself of fear, fearing to love itself, fearing to do what is necessary to protect and raise the children, preventing them from becoming monsters who exist on the animal plane or even worse because animals show love for each other. The sick society monsters have not a microdot of love for anything but self destructive behavior which in the end benefits no one. Thus we have jails, prisons and mental hospitals full of sick souls who are a danger to themselves and others. Many wander the streets as predators, hungry and determined to attack anyone.

Poor, innocent citizens are overwhelmed at the actions of the sick souls, even though they share in the creation of the monsters in their midst, for the innocent are only a matter of degree away from sharing the sickness that spreads like a virus from generation to generation, from community to community, yes, from class to class, for the sickness is pandemic because the economic situation is controlled by global forces who do not discriminate. Ray Charles told us the danger zone is everywhere.

From class to class, the sick souls go about their daily round in denial they need healing, although some do so in fear of losing their material comforts, thus they tolerate self abuse and partner abuse to enjoy the so-called good life—many women wear the golden handcuffs, refusing to release themselves from the monster within and without. It is then that the sick souls medicate themselves with legal and illegal drugs to cover the pain of wretchedness.

Society cannot arrest all the sick souls because they are being produced in such abundance there is no room to house them. Can we not see that soon the entire society will be one giant jail, prison and mental ward?

And so only the sick souls can heal themselves, for the doctors are sicker than the souls they seek to heal. They have not heard, “Physician heal thyself.” The police cannot apprehend the criminals because they are themselves murderers, drug dealers and robbers under the color of law.

The very earth itself is rising up to overthrow the sick actions of man. The green revolution will ultimately remove the sick from the earth, yes, they will be drowned in floods, buried in earthquakes and consumed by fire.

--Dr. M

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