Friday, June 20, 2008

From: rudolph lewis
Subject: RE: Plato On The Sick Soul
Date: Friday, June 20, 2008, 5:31 PM

Well, Marvin, so now it is the Green Apocalypse. With such strange weather we are having, it is near believable. But it's not the sudden global disaster of biblical proportions that frightens us. That we can tolerate. The thought of such totality will cause us to only sink deeper into our drug stupor.

It is the Chinese water drop torture of our daily lives. That insidious state that we must endure is of a much greater threat to our souls, in which the everyday quality of life is of such dire misery and gloom. Pathology centers where medical cures can be found are of no help. Such centers are part of the make believe of the sick society. We have too much social work afoot.

My answer as was yours before your latest book is that we must dream and laugh our way out of this sickness of soul syndrome. That is the way of the ancestors. Dreaming and laughter unplug us from the programming of the sick society. And then what comes let it come, but let it come with our eyes wide open.

Loving you madly, Rudy

I totally agree with you--dreaming and laughter--as we await the meteorite,maybe the same or similar to the one that hit earth 65 million years ago and destroyed the dinosaur--- m

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