Thursday, June 5, 2008


“Dr. M is Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland.”

--Ishmael Reed, novelist, essayist, poet

As we head toward the Feb 5 primary election, prepare yourselves for more Obama drama! Was Iowa a fluke, was his win in South Carolina an indication of America’s racial divide, after all, he won only 25% of the white vote but 80% of the North American African vote. And as per race, prior to their vote, the Africans tried to convince the media their vote would be about issues, not color. Of course this was more Southern poppycock or fooling the master that North American Africans have become adroit at as a survival technique. Tell the master what he wants to hear, tell him anything to survive until another day. Or did the Africans have a sudden change of heart when they entered the voting booth, deciding it wasn’t about issues but supporting their African brother, as in racial pride that was openly revealed by the 104 year old African woman who cast her vote for Obama, saying she had been waiting for this day a long time long time. The fact that blacks would tell the media it was about anything other than race is an index of their schizoid mentality, for have we not all been waiting, mostly in vain, for the savior who will deliver us from our misery, from centuries of slavery and de facto slavery, down to the present wage slavery, especially in the South?

It is not strange that he captured the under thirty white vote, for this generation of whites openly call themselves nigguhs, having been socialized by rappers and hip hop culture which has given them a more liberal racial consciousness than their ignorant elders steeped in segregation mythology and the illusion they won the Civil War or the hope to return blacks to slavery one day. Of course the prison industrial complex has given them hope that slavery under the constitution or involuntary servitude will indeed save the day and allow them to realize their deepest desires for the resurrection of the South, which essentially means putting the niggers back in their place.

But the young whites, even though they have benefited from white privilege, are determined to transcend the sins of their fathers and mothers. They have been sensitized to African culture and love it—in actuality their elders love it as well, but put on the persona of denial, allowing their love to masquerade as hate. For how can you not love your loyal slave, the producer of your wealth, the surplus capital you have accumulated through the centuries, worth trillions of dollars, allowing an inheritance for your children but only poverty and ignorance for the African free slaves.

Now the white women voted for their sister, Hillary, and have done so consistently after her tear jerking drama when she lost Iowa. White women must unite around their sister, for they cannot allow the nigguh to come before Miss Ann. He must wait his turn, so perhaps after Hillery is Prez, then Obama can have his day. In the white woman’s mind the black man is fine but he is not to come before their white sister. There is racial and gender loyalty here and we must be astute enough to recognize it, going into Fat Tuesday!

And what about the blacks for Clinton? They are a motley crew of democratic sycophants

who truly believe Clinton is the first black president, thus in loyalty to him, Hillary must be the second black president, not Obama. Obama is not black anyway—he might be African but he’s from another tribe, not the tribe of North American Africans, thus he is outside and can be dismissed by the black democratic loyalists, such as Ron Dellums, Jesse Jackson, Charlie Rangel and others.

But isn’t it strange how Obama is sounding more and more like Malcolm X with each passing day, even using Malcolm’s rhetoric about how we are hoodwinked and bamboozled by the opposition? And he does have an Islamic background , having attended the Madrassa or religious school as a child. And his middle name is Hussein. So we pray he doesn’t suffer Malcolm’s fate. Amiri Baraka was asked by students at UC Berkeley what was his greatest accomplishment? He replied, “Staying alive.” Our brother Obama faces the same task. We wish him well.

--Dr. M


Part Two: Obama Drama

Now that Super Tuesday has passed and the Democratic candidates, Hillary and Obama, are yet neck and neck, where do we go from here? Perhaps our so-called leaders who are backing Hillary Clinton, that motley crew of democratic sycophants, need to ask themselves this question: should they not jump the ship of Hilbillery, the ship of fools, and join the North American African masses who are 90% for Obama, or shall they go down in history as leaders who need to be led. Let black history be their guide: the old guard civil rights leaders were caught napping when the cry of Black Power electrified the masses and redirected the freedom movement of the 50s and 60s.

Our present political leaders are perhaps deaf, dumb and blind to the level of dissatisfaction and the need for radical change that Obama symbolizes. Yes, he may be transformative but the old guard doubt he will be able to make the transactions they customarily obtain from the Democratic Party power brokers.

The political leaders have been the gatekeepers who are a failure at delivering bacon to their people. They gave them no political education or economic education to protect them from the sub prime tragedy. They have no real solution to stop 50% of our children from dropping out of school. They have no solution to stop the violence coast to coast, with a major portion of the 16,000 annual murders in America being our sons and daughters. They have been impotent to address the high gas prices, apparently they are too proud to ask president Chavez of Venezuela to aid North American Africans, although we know he is willing to help our community out of our dependency complex and fatal attraction with Ustatos Unidos del Norte America.

Other than making transactions to benefit themselves, what bacon do they deliver, what relief from our misery? Yet they insist we blindly follow their direction into outer space. Hilbillery took women off welfare into prostitution and other crimes, increasing the prison population among women and men when he made crack addicts and petty dealers serve long prison terms for what is a mental health problem and economic justice issue. Yet he/she is our savior?

For sure, the identity starved, self esteem depleted and economically exploited North American Africans have cast their vote with Obama.

He is clearly the man of the hour, the new kid on the block, thus our black leadership would do well to look at the man in the mirror and decide to change their course.

Dissatisfaction brings about change. Obama will be a change whether he wins or not. Call it a dress rehearsal for the future—just in case he doesn’t make it this time. Look into the future, imagine how far he might go with solid backing from his North American people. We might be able to convince our Latino brothers and sisters to join forces with us rather than the old guard, which would permit us to forge a powerful movement of the disinherited, a real movement for change in this nation that has not been seen since the 60s when Blacks united with Latinos, whites, Native Americas, Asians and others to take a great leap forward from segregation and wage slavery.

Latinos can act white if they want, along with our leaders they shall see the day when our unity will be needed and sought, but perhaps to no avail. Yes, we may need to discard our leaders and traditional allies and ultimately go the path of Nationalism. Of course this is beyond the Obama paradigm which can only envision us in an American configuration. Thinking outside the box of American politics is wishful if not delusional, our traditional leaders would say, including Obama, although his roots clearly transcend these United States.

But if Obama can help resurrect our spirits with hope and the possibility of change in the status quo, why not back him with our full support. You might say, do not put your eggs in one basket, so then political leaders, continue in your inordinacy placating pharaoh, but your people are moving on. Our allies must either shit or get off the pot as well. Either you are with us or against us, or shall we say you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. You decide and be prepared to pay the consequences in this political game of life.

We know politics has no permanent friends, only permanent interests. We must clearly state our agenda, define our interests, our priorities, which we should present to Obama as well. We know what change is, but thank him for reminding us.

Obama must do some hard thinking to offer us a way out of this morass, this conundrum that is forever eluding our grasp. He has nine months to deal with Hilbillery, enough time to birth a child. Call this child Freedom.

Obama heralds the era of the Post Black Negro in America. Obama, biracial product--after 400 years of amalgamation, what would one expect? What about a pure Gullah Geeche Negro? Khalid Muhammad!

Let us be sophisticated. We know the treachery of Mulattoes, and we know the treachery of pure Africans in Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Congo. We know the treachery of North American Africans, down to the present moment, they are making deals with the devil. But we see them from whence they see us not. And we are not of the unjust people. We are of the suffering righteous.

What we need are righteous men and women to come to the front of the line, to stand up and represent Divinity, the divine man and woman of spiritual consciousness who can rule without taking a bribe, without telling lies. Find me the righteous man and I shall save the town!

Of the mulatto class, the class preferred by the power structure in dealing with blacks--there is danger here. Chancellor Williams told us it was Mulattoes who ushered in the destruction of African Civilization 6,000 years ago in Egypt. And Haiti had Desselines deal with Mulattoes in their revolution here in the Americas. Toussaint had to tell Desselines after his slaughter, “I told you to prune the tree, not to uproot it!”

But let us be clear: Mulattoes, Pure Blacks, Biracial, does not matter. It is the condition of the heart, the condition of the spirit. Are you a devil or do you represent the Divine?

Answer this, then we shall proceed.

--Dr. M


Part Three Obama Drama

Marvin X

And so it is the man from Illinois who shall be the Democratic party nominee for president. Elijah Muhammad told us the white woman would be the last weapon used to check the rise of the black nation. And so it is, Mrs. Clinton persisted until the bitter end to fight for her gender rights, but apparently in the eyes of the people, the descendant of slavery and colonialism takes priority over Miz Ann, after all, no matter what, she enjoyed the fruits of slavery and thus there is blood on her hands as well. In the good days of his pimping, my brother told me he pimped the white woman because he disdained her as he did her brother and father. But let us go beyond the white woman--she put up a valiant fight, although it obviously wasn't her time. It was time for Jack (Barak) to jump out of the box. We saw the same thing in Oakland's mayoral race. Dellums was an unknown factor until late in the race when his supporters gathered enough signatures to encourage him to enter the race--it was the Latino Ignacio Fuentes who was expected to become Oakland's first Latino mayor. But Jack jumped and Dellums is Oakland's third black mayor. We won't discuss whether he has brought about any change--certainly not in bringing down the homicide rate.

Likewise, it is doubtful how much change Obama can bring about as our first black president, for we must be clear Wall Street rules America, not politicians, who are merely puppets on a string of the international bankers who finance friend and foe alike. The question North American Africans must ask themselves is what items we want on Obama's agenda: National Health Care, Reparations, a general amnesty for prisoners of America's domestic war against our community, a radical national educational curriculum that includes consciousness and do for self economics to prepare our community for the diminishing job market in light of globalism, a priority for African reconstruction to erase the vestiges of colonialism and neo-colonialism.

We learned from the 60s black power revolution that a black face will not save us, so we must have no illusions Obama is our savior. He will carry out the will of American imperialism to the best of his ability. But as he is pressed from the right, we must pressure him from the left to keep him from being totally useless. No matter what, he will need us as much as we will need him. Just remember politics in not about friends but interests. Let us be clear what we want and fight to secure it.


Marvin X is the author of How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy. The next meeting of the Pan African Mental Health Peer Group to recover from white supremacy is Saturday, June 7, 4pm, at 1425 Oregon Street (off Sacramento), Berkeley. Call 510-355.6339 for more information. Visit his blog:

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