Saturday, November 24, 2007

Letter from a Mad Black Woman
Who Came to Write in Cherokee

Shawn Fabio wrote:

Hey Dr. X,

I'm grateful to you that I had a direct opportunity to learn about true pain and suffering which can often create a masterpiece when completed. I kept the picture of us, in case, I needed a reminder of why I need to fulfill (my) destiny with discipline, honor, and persistence grounding my foundations for whomever I choose.

I wanted to make sure you're still aggressively fighting.

Thank you with sincerity for the lunches, healthy carrot drinks, protection, conditioner, bean pies, any food you prepared for us, and any laughter we were able to share together. I sincerely appreciate your honest attempts to being a calm Man in my presence. I needed a little respectful courtesy to keep my spirit alive too.

At times, silence is the key; other times, one Must speak.

Respectfully with a sincere hug and smile...

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