Sunday, November 11, 2007

From Dr. Mark Christian to Dr. Nathan Hare:

It is indeed a pleasure to exchange a few lines with the “Father of Black Studies”! You are right, this is the best place to share our sociological discourse. Your preface to the book HOW TO RECOVER FROM THE ADDICTION TO WHITE SUPREMACY BY DR. M (aka Marvin X) is powerful indeed. I also welcome reading the work of a “grassroots guerilla publicist” who is concerned with the psychological/intellectual freedom of his people.

I think of Walter Rodney as the “guerilla intellectual” who was organically connected to the grassroots. Key book here would be The Groundings With My Brothers [and sisters]. Or Steve Biko’s I Write What I Like. I think though that Dr. M. is closely affiliated with Frances Cress Welsing’s Isis Papers: Keys to the Colors (along with Bobby Wright’s thesis as you point out.) Of course we need to also consult your classic: The Black Anglo Saxons, and Frazier’s Black Bourgeoisie. What I am most impressed with is Dr. M’s Pan-Africanist perspective. This is what is needed as “wherever I lay my hat” in this world I’ve encountered the same phenomena, be it in Liverpool, England, Durban, South Africa, Egypt, Jamaica; or Birmingham, Atlanta, San Diego, Philadelphia, LA, NY, D.C., Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, or wherever else I have been in the USA. Same, same, with minor cultural variations. We all need to “Detox” as Dr. M states, wherever we are in this world. So the Pan-African element is important. Du Bois knew this, and many of the other giants. Even though they were also, ironically, “infected” like most of us in some way today.

I think this citation from Step I is important: “…We are only powerless when we deny who we are and do not recognize we exist in harmony with the universal spirit of peace, justice and mercy. White supremacy is an illusion in the minds of those who believe it and those who accept the scam”… (p. 31

Lastly, Professor Hare, Muhammad Ali was (still is) my hero when I was a young boy in the 70s. Can you recall your organization of his visit to Howard University, when he stood on the steps of the Frederick Douglass building and gave that powerful speech? I think it would be great for this listserve to hear your reflections.

Also, I don’t want to embarrass you here, but in my opinion the ABS should mark your life achievements next year with a special celebration for the 40th Anniversary of the Black Studies BA. I hope those with the power will hear my call.

In respect.

Mark Christian, PhD

Associate Professor

Sociology & Black World Studies

Miami University (Ohio)

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