Friday, November 30, 2007

The Fall of America

The African proverb says, "Although the king is strong and hearty, he will not live forever."
Yes, Humpty Dumpty is in free fall. As Elijah Muhammad predicted, we see the decline of the dollar. He said the day would come when dollars will be thrown into the street as worthless paper. Is not that day on the horizon? We hear the Chinese are converting their dollars into Euros, even rappers. Rappers actually have that much sense? But the question is not if or when America falls, but what is the post-American plan, especially for North American Africans. Will they finally acquire the sovereignty as a nation of self-determinded people, will they secure a land base with access to the sea and minerally rich land for their centuries of free and nearly free labor, today called wage slavery? Or will they sit by with dicks in their hands and hearts racing as the other ethnic groups secure their division of this stolen property. Surely the Native Americans will want their fair share, the Latinos, the Asians, and poor whites--will the socalled Negro sit around waiting for the Master to return, or will he go about, finally and without hesitation, doing for self, constructing his fallen cities, getting control of the infrastructure, water, electricity, roads, schools, work places, airports.

Long ago he called for Black Power, with the coming fall of America, he will have the opportunity to fulfill his dreams. Oh, it cannot happen? America is too strong. Firstly, you have no real idea how strong America is just as you have no idea how strong you are--you are so full of fear you cannot and never have been able to think straight. Every thought you ever thought has been wrong simply because it was not thinking outside the box because you have been confined to the box and never had a chance to consider the configuration of your society except for your 19th century thinkers and dreamers, and your 20th century thinkers and planners such as Marcus Garvey and Elijah Muhammad.

But where is Egypt, Rome, Greece and the Soviet Union? Does the Chinaman have a chance today--you haven't heard that racist remark recently, for the Chinese have a very good chance to rule the world in the next few years--some predict within ten to fifteen years, so why do you think America shall remain forever and forever in its present condition. It will absolutely change because its ethnic minorities will one day soon become the majority, so why are not your leaders planning for the future and our well-deserved fair share? If America, as did the Soviet Union, fall apart, what do you want? A job? A job, a job! You mean after 400 years of free and nearly free labor, you only desire a job? Are you crazy, are you totally insane or just lazy, like a whore awaiting marching orders from her pimp--not knowing the pimp is dead, he was killed in a shootout with rivals.

Your leaders, why are they running around licking the behinds of the the Democratic and Republican parties rather than establishing an independent political entity that will take us into the future? They shall be charged for their shortsightedness, their myopia of the mind.

As sister Zetha Nobles said recently, our goal should not be to achieve parity with white Americans (which is mediocrity, at best), but with India and China. We should forget about equality with Americans and see the global picture and imagine our role in it. But we are so blinded by white supremacy that all we see is white, white, white. Look around, the world is no longer white. Power will not be white in the not so distant future--can you look ahead a few days and plan accordingly or shall you sit on your behinds awaiting the crumbs from the fall of America?

--Dr. M/marvin x

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