Friday, June 22, 2007

The Great Monster Fear
from Notes on How to Recover from
the Addiction to White Supremacy

A white man informed me he is not about to enter recovery from the addiction to white supremacy, nor are his friends. In short, they will bomb the hell out of the world to maintain white privilege, to keep the oil flowing and free trade exploitation and domination.

A woman read the 12 Steps to Recover from White Supremacy and said since you have God in it I can deal with it. Another woman said I see you have a lot of that God stuff in your steps, as if God should not be in the steps, that it is all up to man. Well, it is all up to man, divine man, the man of spiritual consciousness, certainly not the animal man. The animal man is going to continue in his inordinacy blindly wandering on, as the Qur'an says.
For me, God is everywhere and in all things, there is no escape from God, no hiding place.

A Haitian brother wanted to know why his African brother sold him and appears to want to sell him again. He wants to know why his North American African brothers think he is African and not one of them, since he is from the Americas. I told him we must all sit down and reason together, work out the defects in our character. That is the purpose of the Pan African Mental Health Peer Group to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy.

Form your own group in your community, five or ten people gather and work through the steps. It will be intense, painful and full of tears to consider what we have done to ourselves and what we have done to others due to our white supremacy education and socialization.

Fear is the great monster created by white supremacy and thus we must chop off the monster's head before we can proceed. Fear of death was real and still real. The police are the modern slave catcher's out to catch us riding dirty, and then we are enemies of each other--enemies to ourselves, the man in the mirror. We fear success since failure has been our habit, yet success is for the taking, it is the gift from the Creator who is in the blessing business, yet we must step to the front of the line, not linger in the back. Fear keeps us in the back, keeps our heads bowed even today. I told a student I needed to see the president of his college and wanted him to go with me but he was afraid, even though he was a student of African consciousness, had studied with the great Afro-centric scholars here on the west coast, yet he was afraid. We must crush fear from our psyche. I was in Pebble Beach with a lady and told her let's go inside the Pebble Beach country club for breakfest, but she was afraid, even with her master's degrees. I wondered to myself why did she have the master's degrees yet did not feel like the master? Fear has whipped us down from centuries ago, fear that flows in our DNA, but it must be crushed to earth once and for all times. I was so happy to hear my daughter Muhammida say at Medgar Evers college that she is a child of consciousness, that she came from conscious parents, yes, they were once so-called Negroes, but they evolved and thus she has no knowledge of negrocities (Baraka term), no knowledge of fear. But think of all the black girls full of fear because of their color, whose lives were destroyed because of their color. A beautiful black woman told me how her grandmother told her from childhood she was black and ugly, so the woman internalized this lie from granny and it crippled her self image and self esteem. So much fear is simply ignorance which can only be destroyed with knowlege, in this case, knowledge of self, especially the Great Self. We are the Greatest because Allah is the Greatest and we are part of that Creation, we flow in that flow of the universe that is constantly evolving and by degrees we are raised to perfection. No fear zone.
--Dr. Marvin

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