Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dr. Marvin Returns to the Bay

After three months on the east coast, Dr. Marvin (X) returned to the Bay Area Sunday afternoon from Beaufort, South Carolina where he completed the first draft on his forthcoming book HOW TO RECOVER FROM THE ADDICTION TO WHITE SUPREMACY: A PAN AFRICAN 12 STEP MODEL. While in the library at the University of South Carolina, he learned his friend from UC Berkeley, Dr. J. Herman Blake, sociologist, was a visiting scholar working on establishing Gullah Studies. Marvin had not seen Dr. Blake since 1964 when Blake invited Malcolm X to speak at UCB. Malcolm spoke in front of Sproul Hall before seven thousand students, Marvin among them. But after inviting Malcolm, Dr. Blake suddenly disappeared ( as if sent into exile) but resurfaced at UC Santa Cruz as provost of Oaks College where he co-authored Huey Newton's autobiography Revolutionary Suicide.

Marvin contacted Dr. Blake's assistant but she informed him Blake was at a conference in New York. She arranged a phone conversation and the two gentlemen arranged a meeting for today, but Marvin was informed he had reservations to leave Sunday morning so he was not able to meet with the sociologist who is from Gullahland's Johns Island and has been doing work on the Gullah culture for many years (see the Black Scholar, circa 1973).

Dr. Marvin arrived in the Bay to meet his new grandson, born May 31st to his daughter, Amira, an attorney who graduated from Yale and Stanford. This is his fourth grandson and fifth grandchild.

On Monday Plato returned to teaching on the streets of Oakland at his outdoor classroom, 14th and Broadway, in front of DeLauer's news and book store. Two young Muslims asked him about Malcolm X. He replied that he was in Harlem on Malcolm's birthday this past May 19, at the Schomberg Library as part of a panel of writers who discussed Malcolm as an author.

One young brother at his open air classroom, asked who was greater, Malcolm or Elijah? Dr. Marvin said that is like asking which is greater, the lemon or the tree? Malcolm was a branch, Elijah was the tree that produced many branches, including Malcolm, Farakhan, Muhammad Ali, Warithdeen Muhammad and others. Yes, Malcolm was Elijah's greatest student and greatest spokesman and organizer who established many mosques and founded the most powerful newspaper in America, Muhammad Speaks.

Elijah told Malcolm and all his followers to trust no one and guard against jealousy and envy, but obviously Malcolm failed to get grasp the concept or the lesson from his teacher.
He obviously trusted Elijah too much and was thus disappointed when he saw contradictions, and certainly he did not guard against jealousy and envy on the part of NOI officials and perhaps Elijah himself. So how can you fault Elijah when he told Malcolm don't trust me and be aware of jealousy and envy. After all, jealousy and envy had forced Elijah to flee for his life for seven years in 1933 after Master Fard Muhammad disappeared, but not before appointing him successor, although members of the temple objected, including Elijah's brother, Kallot. One member said he would only eat a grain of rice until he killed Elijah.

On the question of women and Elijah, Dr. Marvin said women probably wanted Elijah more or at least just as badly as he wanted them. Women had to be rescued from scaling the walls of Elijah's house trying to get in bed with him. They had to be taken off the roof. Along with Elijah, sisters must be blamed for disrespecting his wife Clara Muhammad. They were guilty of sleeping with her husband while up in her face. We know Clara was very bitter about this. Her story is yet to be written.

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