Thursday, August 9, 2007

Reply to Wanda Sabir:

Wanda, we are either going to hug our thugs or they are going to hug us in the wrong way.
Why can't we get the message from our children with pants on their knees--isn't this a sign they are crying out for help--what else could a person be doing walking with pants on their kneecaps? If I wore my pants like that you would say I was a very sick guy.
love, m

Marvin X Replies to Adanze Asante:

The Bey family was part of the community and the community shared their good and bad, but unfortunately let the bad overwhelm the family and eventually the community. We must all share the blame--no one is innocent except the victims, especially the children who were violated.

Indeed, Chauncey was a poor righteous writer doing his job. We must honor him for being a soldier slain in the line of duty. And we must remember him for being a truth seeker. He was in the tradition of the Freedom's Journal writers and a few days before his death came into the Post Newspaper office as I was discussing Freedom's journal. Chauncey got into the conversation and revealed his knowledge of black journalism's history. He was not a politico as say, Mumia Abu Jamal, but he was dedicated to our community and we hope more of his kind will rise from the ashes and flames of his martyrdom .

Dr. M (Marvin X)

>>DIA: #2--rebuttal to the devil and the deep blue sea

Kalamu,I don't think Marvin X is blaming Chauncey Bailey for his stories on Chief Bey and his bakery. He just said that he was caught in the middle of the road. I think perhaps Ms. Ramona Jones overreacted. I too am saddened by this murder, but it wouldn't help if we blame each other. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Bailey as a cub reporter, when I attended U.C. Berkeley's journalism program. And I, no doubt, believe Chauncey did what he had to do, which is exactly what Marvin X stated. Bailey reported the good and the bad. It's just that certain family members didn't want him to report the bad. Unfortunately being murdered is part of the perils of working as a journalist. We risk our lives for to tell the truth and that's exactly what Mr. Bailey did. He will always be remembered as a high-esteemed journalist.May we heal as a people and gather in peace.

Adanze Asante

P.S. We just got to move on as a people.

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